Why is Miriam’s Earthen Cookware handmade?

Why is Miriam’s Earthen Cookware handmade?

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  2. her Cookware is unique & uniquely made of earthen type material …..she goes outta her way for this very reason you get really great quality raw material of high quality Earthen ware shes done this so you can be rest assured of ur cooking ……
    lots of companies make great earthen ware to but add in things where Miriam’s is not …whats the old saying “you get what you pay for “

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  3. Miriam’s Earthen Cookware uses lab tested primary clay to make pots and pans because it is the healthiest known raw material. They do not use additives, glazes or chemicals to make sure the final product is as pure and healthy as the raw material. Making cookware through a machine-based process always calls for use of chemicals to make the raw material easier to work with. This can compromise the safety and health value of cookware. Making pots and pans with hands requires hard work but is worth it when one is trying to make the healthiest cookware. Learn more about MEC’s manufacturing process here:

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  4. Conscientious “green” cooking? I’ve handled all the issues when it comes to food prep. I eat from the garden, cook fresh, local and non-processed foods. I use heat instead of microwaves and stay current about how my food is grown. But here’s something I didn’t know.
    I woke up to this fact: even the best pots and pans (and often most expensive) leach toxins into my food. As a persnickety cook, I want my food to hit the table untainted. In short, I want healthy cookware. What I’ve learned is that most cookware emits some level of contaminants when it’s heated, regardless of all the qualities they sold you on when you ordered from the shopping channel or your posh local kitchen store. It’s one of those things that hit you by surprise. Your cookware is probably poisonous. But let’s talk about that a bit later.
    It would have to be totally free of toxins. No lead, no impurities – just nutrient-rich, perfect clay from the depths of Mother Earth – the kind of clay used by our earliest pot-making ancestors over the campfire. Miriam found what she was looking for. Her company, Miriam’s Earthen Cookware, creates a line of clay cooking vessels that may be the most pristine pots obtainable, anywhere. Anyone who takes special care with food prep should know there’s a way to cook that sustains the same level of wholesomeness you insist on when shopping, growing and sourcing your fresh food.

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