Why is blue with white speckle the default “camping material” when it comes to cookware in camping?

Why is blue with white speckle the default “camping material” when it comes to cookware in camping?

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  2. Its enameled steel. Very durable, & easy to clean. It also comes in red/white, & green/white. I’m not crazy about using the pots for cooking, but my percolator coffee pot is awesome, especially over a campfire. The plates are good too. Pretty, no litter, & durable. Hope this helps.

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  3. As Clint Carlson so correctly points out, the blue and white speckled enamel cookware was the hallmark of a particular brand of enameled steel camp cups, coffee pots, bowls, pots, pans and dishes. However this was certainly not the only color available. Other makers made enameled cookware also. I’ve collected antique steel camp cups and have found them in white/black, orange/black, yellow, blue, green and red. Most come in solid colors with black trim and the cup shape varies as well.
    The reason enameled steel became popular over cast iron was primarily because of the weight and ease of cleaning. If you’ve ever used a cast iron skillet before, you know how heavy they are and how difficult they can be to clean. In fact, many car campers insist on using cast iron and only wipe the pan clean, with the leavings left cooked in the bottom of the pan.
    Coffee cups, plates and percolators are a different story. These weren’t traditionally made of cast iron, but of ceramic, just like you would find in your home. While on horseback and camping on the range, these things were prone to break, so once again the enameled steel came to the rescue. On occasion you can find copper cups and utensils.
    Today, the enameled steel cups are a retro nod to the traditional old-west style. For camping, they are still remarkably effective, simple and durable. In fact when I camp, whether it’s by vehicle or backpacking, I still use an enameled steel cup. I can heat my cup directly on my micro stove and use coffee in tea bags for a quick cup of coffee. You just need to be careful of the handle, to prevent burns.

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  4. Originally, in the mid to late 1800s, many companies started making porcelain coated steel cooking items. Two main companies took off and separated themselves from the others by creating a process called peppering, or speckling. These took on the monikers of speckledware, and pepperedware. One company had a French background, and went with a blue color, while another went more with a gray, which was then called graniteware. Both were successful through the 1920s, but were then replaced by other materials that were easier to produce and more cost effective. Now a days, some companies reproduce items for the camper to reflect on the retro style of these early products.

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