Why are swordsticks/walking stick with a blade illegal if not an antique in the UK? Is it classified as an offensive even though it is

Why are swordsticks/walking stick with a blade illegal if not an antique in the UK? Is it classified as an offensive even though it is concealed.

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  1. Carrying any blade is considered to be carrying an offensive weapon until proven to be a reasonable need. I used to be a pork slaughter man, several decades ago, and had taken my works knife home with me, to butcher a side of pork I had bought. The knife was in the boot of my car i.e. locked away and not easily available, I was involved in a crash in my car which involved the police, they as part of the investigation discovered the knife, and I spent longer explaining and justifying having the knife than the berk who drove into me spent explaining his bad driving. I hope this explains it.

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  2. I’m not familiar with that particular law, but: it’s probably illegal because it’s a concealed weapon.
    Being an antique means that it was made in an era where it would have been legal; it also would have been restricted to a specific group of people, who would have been known and expected to have access to such items – Bob the blacksmith wasn’t walking around with a swordstick, that was a thing for the kind of nobility who were trying to make a point about their status. It now has historical value that makes it worth keeping around, but I’d be surprised if you’d be allowed to bring it out for everyday use; it would be limited to historical reenactors, and museums. I wouldn’t expect to see one even at a RenFaire.
    If you’re not allowed to carry a sword openly (and you’re not, barring permits and special exceptions), then you’re not going to loophole your way into having a secret sword.

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  3. Yes, swordsticks are classified as a bladed article. However as a sword is made to cause harm it is an offensive weapon per se.
    It’s unlawful to possess a bladed article in a public place without reasonable excuse. There are statutory defences to this such as having it with you in connection for use with a trade (a butcher taking his knives to be ground or a carpet fitter with a Stanley knife) and also for religious reasons such as a Sikhs Kirpan or part of national dress such as a Scot’s dhu dagger.
    However, there is no lawful defence to possessing an offensive weapon per se.

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  4. I am neither a police officer nor a lawyer. But for the more impressionable out there.
    From the Crown Prosecution Office’s Web site – The term “offensive weapon” is defined as: “any article made or adapted for use to cause injury to the person, or intended by the person having it with him for such use”.
    So in addition to bladed weapons, throwing stars etc which the law specifies as offensive weapons, any object intended to be used as a weapon falls into this category such as baseball bats, bicycle chains and aluminium torches with 3 or 4 D batteries.
    Possession includes items in a vehicle in the charge of a person.
    Intent to cause injury can be inferred from the context of the surrounding circumstances.
    So taking great grand-fathers antique sword stick on a night on the town will still get you charged.

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  5. Yes. You can’t go swanning around with a sword stick. It is an offensive weapon.
    I suggest you read the government guidance at https://www.gov.uk/government/uploads/system/uploads/attachment_data/file/186911/Knives_and_offensive_weapons_information_GDS_FAQ.pdf
    “Section 141 of the Criminal Justice Act 1988 provides that it is an offence to manufacture, sell or hire, offer for sale or hire, expose or have in his possession for the purpose of sale or hire of or lending or giving to any other person certain specified weapons.
    The Criminal Justice Act (Offensive Weapons) Order 1988 (S.I 1998/2019) (as amended) provides that the following are specified weapons for the purpose of section 141:
    … b) a swordstick, that is, a hollow walking-stick or cane containing a blade which may be used as a sword;”
    It is not just an offence to carry one – they are an offensive weapon – but also to buy and sell them.

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  6. Why are swordsticks/walking stick with a blade illegal if not an antique in the UK? Is it classified as an offensive even though it is concealed.
    What has it being concealed to do with anything? I think you may have misunderstood the word “offensive”.
    As with many things in Britain, the policy is neither am outright ban, not a free for all. Instead it is simply
    Do you have a good non-violent reason for wanting this?
    Antique sword sticks are highly collectible. Thus “I am a collector and this is an antique” is a perfectly acceptable reason for owning one.
    Modern sword sticks have no such justification.
    They are only a weapon, thus banned.

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  7. Is it civilised to walk round with a deadly weapon in your possession the answer is: “NO IT IS NOT!” Anyone who thinks it is fair and reasonable to walk around our streets and shopping centre’s with weapons in their possession, is worthy of being classified as a raving lunatic.
    As for democratic rights, what about us the unarmed and civilised friendly and normal majority. Such a selfish and dangerous act is of a fundamentally undemocratic character! Interlopers like this should never be allowed on our streets and shopping centre’s or in a school or a hospital, an aeroplane or a bus or a ship or a train.
    Most people would consign this wild creature to a zoo I wouldn’t recommend that they breed from it. What use would it be this creature has confirmed that it’s incapable of being civilised?

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