What type of cookware should I buy?

What type of cookware should I buy?

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  2. The type of cookware you should buy totally depends on the type of cooking done. I personally find Meyer as the best, earlier i was using brands like prestige , hawkins or futura for different cookwares but meyer has a great variety of cookware , all under one roof . One of the major difference was in the coatings used , all coatings are chemical free. Also there are lots of innovative and new products which are not commonly seen.

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  3. I favor restaurant stock products, go-to an actual restaurant supplier, more durable longer lasting, yes you’ll pay more at first but it’s a long term investment. Stay away from advertised product they’ll say anything to sell you on it. My cookware consists of two brands, the one I use the most is ALL-CLAD homey in style but durable as restaurant pots, my other brand is FARBERWARE but wouldn’t recommend for use in the oven (baklight handles) I also have a few skillets from the restaurant supplier and three cast iron skillets. Now I’ll tell you this please take it to heart, yes it’s wonderful owning such fabulous kettles no doubt about it, But dear one we worked out way up, my first kettle set was the Aluminum boy scout set, I made many a good meal, then saving my pennies I got my first real kettles, three pots that where white enamel on steel, made many a good meal with those, then moved on up to my first set of CLUB cast aluminum I shan’t forget the color chocolate brown, then finally to the other I mentioned prior. I’m not going to endorse a brand, I will tell you buy the best that you can afford at the time, and treat it nice so it lasts you as long as possible. See what I’m saying, no shame of being without cause your saving a little more for getting something a bit more nicer. Blessings be.

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  4. Food helps you stay fit, therefore, it is imperative that you chose the cookware that will help you create perfect, healthy fare! Here are a few of the things that you should keep in mind while purchasing a cookware!
    Safety: You should ensure that the product that you are planning to purchase is food safe and adheres to US FDA & European Food Safety Standards. It should be PFOA Free, Lead Free, Cadmium Free & Nickel Free.
    Heat conductivity: Heavy-gauge materials deliver heat more rapidly and evenly, unlike thin-gauge materials that hold heat unevenly.
    Durability: No one would like to invest in cookware which does not last. Therefore, bring home cookware whose quality is vouched by its warranty/guarantee period. There are certain cookware brands, like Circulon, that offers a lifetime warranty.
    Reactivity: Some metals react with certain foods. This means that your food can actually absorb some of the metal, so take care of your cookware choices and ensure that you are aware of the reactivity of each product.
    Maintenance– Certain cookware products are hassle-free when it comes to cleaning. They are dishwasher safe, saving your time and efforts. Invest in cookware that can be cleaned easily.

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  5. There is no single material that is always better than the others. You select your pots and pans according to your usages.
    Aluminium Cheap. Conduct heat very well. Not good for slow-cooking or cooking anything acidic as aluminium will seep out and ruin the taste. Dent easily.
    Brass Conduct heat very well. Easier to care than aluminium and copper. Not very cheap.
    Clay and ceramic Hold heat very well, which make them great for casserole, clay pot rice and the like. Depending on compounding, some may crack rather easily.
    Copper Look great. Very expensive. Conduct heat very well. Dent rather easily.
    Glass Great for baking. Cheaper than ceramic. Can cause emotional distress (Yes, there are people who are afraid of broken glass and exploding Pyrex baking dishes.)
    Plastic Cheap. Work well with microwave oven. Suitable for several low-heat/no-heat uses, e.g. colanders, salad bowls etc. Never dent.
    Iron and steel Very durable. Not as cheap as aluminium but good value for the money. Don’t conduct heat very well, which make them suitable for sauce pan and stock pot. Cast iron can be seasoned to create non-stick surface.

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  6. Think about how YOU cook; think about what YOU like to eat. Saute, fry, steam, bake, braise, stew; which pots and pans do you use most often? You might want a cast iron skillet for frying chicken and baking cornbread. You might want a stainless steel saute pan that becomes more and more non-stick with use. You might want a nice sized stock pot. My most used cookware is an assortment of materials, sizes, and purposes. You might not want a set of cookware; you might want to build a collection of cooking pieces that you use and enjoy.

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  8. No kitchen should be without
    12″ cast iron skillet
    5qt cast iron dutch oven, get an enamel coated one if you’re going to cook tomato sauce often
    8″ non stick skillet
    a solid metal spatula, I hate slotted spatulas because they’re usually not cleaned properly.
    a wooden spatula
    a 5qt or bigger sauce pot
    You can add from there as you’re finding your way, but these are must haves in my book.

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  9. The type of cookware you use depends on the type of cooking you do. My go to pieces are a T-fal wok for sautéing, a cast iron skillet for searing meats and shallow frying, a small sauce pot for making tea and a deep pot for soups, stews and pasta. None of my other cookware gets much of a workout.
    Buy things as you need them and look for quality pieces at discount stores like TJ Max. Those expensive name brand sets they sell at William’s Sonoma and Macy’s are a waste of money. I’m not suggesting they aren’t good quality, they just set you up with things you may never use and that is a waste of money.

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  10. What type of cookware should I buy?
    Not knowing where you live, type of cooking you are in to or what your budget may be, means that I can only make a general suggestion.
    Firstly buy heavy based pots and pans so that they don’t warp and keep constant contact with plate surface for even distribution of heat.
    Buy a large frying pan and a smaller one. (I have 7 of varying sizes but tend to use only the 2 sizes mentioned) + a cast iron pan for searing steaks – this can be made extra hot as there is no coating to damage.
    Don’t buy pot sets with 20 items which may end up taking up space, rather buy individual pots – small, medium and large until you know what you need more of. My pots are stainless steel plus I was given a Le Crueset pot which can also go into the oven.
    Invest in a slow cooker and a pressure cooker for soups and stews and larger cuts of meat,
    Get a wok – I have a cast iron one but there are electric ones available.
    Hope these suggestions help somewhat….

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