What’s the proper word – knives or knifes?

What’s the proper word – knives or knifes?

You can check the answer of the people under the question at Quora “how to spell knife

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  2. Some plurals like hooves and hoofs as well as rooves and roofs are optional. Both are correct. Choose whichever you like!
    But when it comes to the plural of knife its strictly knives, I’m afraid. You don’t get to say knifes unless you mean the verb to knife someone i.e. a person attacks another with a blade.
    So “one knife; two knives”
    “Jemima knifes her friend in the back”

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  3. Synonyms:
    Axe, blade, cut, edge tool, gouge, pierce, run through, spear, stick, wound.
    When you join a jungle tour, bring good shoes, sandals, swimming clothes a torch and pocket knife.
    Drawing knife.
    Stanley knife.
    Trimming knife.
    Putty knife.
    I cut my finger with a knife .
    That’s not a knife . THIS is a knife .
    …you’ll find there a knife , on its handle are your initials.
    Lead knife.
    S tripping knife.
    U tility knife blade.
    Filling knife.
    Knife fight (in a phone booth) (slang).
    I returned the knife which I had borrowed.
    He stuck his knife into the tree.
    I need a knife .
    He cut a twig from the tree with his knife .
    There is a knife missing.
    Utility knife.
    C able stripper knife.
    P ocket knife.
    S nap-off knife.
    Craft knife.
    H obby knife.
    Plural: knives.

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