What’s some of the best Japanese Santoku knife for amateurs?

What’s some of the best Japanese Santoku knife for amateurs?

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  1. None of them. I’m a former twenty year professional cook/chef, and I strongly believe in using the right knife for the job. The Santoku knife seems to be an attempt to create a “Jack of all trades” knife while usually reducing blade weight and strength as well as often incorporating the bevelled edge common to long meat slicing knives. It’s kind of ok for a number of jobs but not at all good for others.
    For amateurs, I generally recommend the following as a basic knife kit.
    1 x French/Chefs knife, less than 10″ blade, any more and you’re just compensating.
    1 x utility knife, less than 5″ blade, should be fairly rigid.
    1 x serrated/bread knife 8–10″ blade
    1 x Chinese cleaver, 6–8″ blade, rectangular shape, medium thickness. Heavy ones are for bones, light ones chip too easily.
    With that you should be able to do pretty much anything you need to in a kitchen.
    Addition: a sharpening stone and a honing steel. Learn to use both properly by grinding through a couple cheap knives until you get the hang of the angles you want to maintain.

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