What is the best cookware brand for Indian cooking?

What is the best cookware brand for Indian cooking?

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  2. Note to self – when I finally get to India, shop for cookware, THEN spices.
    I use my cast iron cookware for pretty much everything all the time. It’s non stick, conducts heat well and evenly, and because the lids are so heavy, when I place a rag across the top to keep the moisture in some dishes, it seals it shut.
    The only times I avoid using cast iron is if my dish is very acidic, like whe…

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  3. The answer is solely based on my personal experience. For pots, pans and kadhais WonderChef is the best brand. It is completely non stick and I can’t do without it. The approximate price will be about Rd 5000 for a set of 5.
    For pressure cooker nothing can beat Hawkins. Wonderchef does have cookers but not as good as Hawkins. The price of one would be about Rs. 3000 for a 3 litres Hawkins futura
    Now coming to the kitchen electronics, food processor, mixers grinders etc from Preethi, not sure about the price though. The magic bullet I have is again from Wonderchef and I am so thankful to have it. It is called a nutriblend and costs around RS 3,000.
    And oh, did I mention that the best spatulas and cooking spoons would be your silicon ones? They do not overheat and noise free

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  4. Have you tried cast iron cookware from the brand The Indus Valley? They are of best quality, come pre-seasoned which makes it easy to use, enhances the taste of food and offer very good health benefits as they are natural and toxin free.
    My favourites are their super smooth tawa and skillet. Making crispy dosa with this tawa is super easy, even with someone like me cooking. And I use the skillet to fry veggies and meat and because of its even heating property, food comes out very crispy and tasty.

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  5. Premier Kitchen is a popular brand that has been serving Indian cooking enthusiasts for decades. Premier has earned the trust of millions of people due to its quality products and timely service. It was in 1974 when Premier Kitchen first started making stainless steel pots, pans, and utensils for the Indian market. Since then, it has been providing quality cookware to millions of happy customers across the world.
    Premier Kitchen is known for its range of products that caters to all types of cooking needs – from traditional Indian cooking to international cuisines such as Italian and Chinese. It also provides a wide variety of cookware and kitchenware such as pressure cooker , mixer grinder , non stick cookware , stainless steel cookware , 3 ply clad stainless steel cookware etc that are perfect for your kitchen needs.

    What is the best cookware brand for Indian cooking?

    Premier Kitchen main product is stainless steel cookware, pressure cooker and more. It has a wide variety of different types of stainless steel cookware such as frying pans, saucepans, boiling pots, rice cookers etc. Premier kitchen provides a range of options in these categories that includes all the necessary features required to be successful with cooking. It’s widely accepted that market research helps companies innovate new products by catering to users needs. Premier Kitchen today has quickly become known for dynamic convenience and it is evolving too.

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