What is the best choice if you can only have one pot/pan to cook with?

What is the best choice if you can only have one pot/pan to cook with?

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  2. If I had to choose only one, it would definitely be a high-quality wok and a fitting lid would be a real plus.

    What is the best choice if you can only have one pot/pan to cook with?

    The wok is my go-to next to a cast iron skillet, and I typically use the wok the most simply because it just lends itself to my loco style of cooking which is an amalgamation of things I like from all sorts of different cultures. Typically everything centers around stirfrying but I can also toast and cook my rice in the wok before going on to the main course. Not mention I can stirfry the meat and veggies then add the broth and noodles right into the wok to make soup or stew. Yes, in case you’re wondering, I can indeed make chicken & dumplings as well as cornbread in the wok too.

    What is the best choice if you can only have one pot/pan to cook with?

    Yeah, I could do the same with a cast iron skillet too, but the wok having the increased depth and more suitable shape wins out in the versatility race.

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  3. Cast iron is definitely the way to go. It can be seasoned, ruined, cleaned, and seasoned again. Even if it starts to rust, you can return it to perfect condition. It will NEVER wear out. Love the combo cooker recommended by Paul — you almost have to have one deep pot for soups, stews…

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  4. What is the best choice if you can only have one pot/pan to cook with?

    My cast-iron skillet.
    It distributes heat evenly, perfect for making pancakes and omelets. I mostly use this to pan-roast or pan-sear vegetables, anything from cauliflower and broccoli to asparagus or eggplant. I use it to sear sandwiches like grilled cheese. This pan can develop an excellent crust on a piece of steak, and does just fine if you throw it in the oven to finish cooking. Speaking of oven, I’ve used the skillet to make baked goods such as coffee cake, and even deep-dish pizza.
    It’s not particularly good at making soup.

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  5. I don’t know for everybody, but I know which one of my pans I’d pick. It’s a rather large skillet (approx. 3/4 – 1 gal. capacity) that is generally wok-shaped and non-stick due to silver stone or some such material. Of course you’d need a boiler too, but that could be made from a coffee can in a pinch. The boiler would be for pasta, rice, or potatoes. In a pinch you could cook most other things in the above mentioned pan.

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  7. i would recommend a quite large traditional wok. it can work for pan frying eggs, cooking meats, making stir fry, and, with practice, things like grilled cheese sandwiches. it also lets you deep fry with minimum use of oil. you can also boil water in it, so, unlike a previous commenter, i have used it to make both western and eastern pastas.
    if it still counts as one utensil, get the steamer attachments, and now you can cook/heat most anything.
    like other commenters, my second choice is a large cast iron skillet/

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  8. Planning for gourmet cooking during the zombie apocalypse? Awesome! Bring plenty of salt, a cleaver, and the Lodge Combo Cooker.
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    You can bake, braise, fry, saute, boil, and roast – and while you’re trekking through the bush you can store stuff in it! Perhaps a little enthusiastically worded, but I’m dead serious. Well worth the money.
    ETA: It’s also cheating because you can cook in the lid as well as the base. So get one already!

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  9. There are lots of one-pot meals possible. One of my favorites is ground beef with kale. Saute some onions for a couple of minutes on medium heat in the pan. Add 1 lb ground beef, a couple sliced thai chillies, 3 minced garlic cloves. Cook till beef is browned. Add large bunch sliced kale and cook for a couple of minutes – making sure beef is cooked through. Add salt, pepper and some lemon juice. Enjoy.
    I find Pinterest to be a great source of various types of recipes.

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