What company makes the best tin-lined copper cookware?

What company makes the best tin-lined copper cookware?

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  2. Hi,
    I also make copper cookware. Actually we do high.end hammered copper pots and pans, tin lined with brass handles (we can also do iron handles).
    We train our staff to hand-wipe the tin perfectly, because we like to preserve the original way of manufacturing a copper pan, and because we think there is no better way to add tin to the internal cooking surface of each pan.
    Said that, tin is the best, better than stainless steel for covering the cooking surface of copper, the reason is not just aesthetic (it looks better than steel, as it is clear and bright) but also performance-wise is superior: copper is very fast in spreading and transmitting the heat, while stainless is slower. Adding an extra layer of stainless to the copper will slower your pan. Some french companies tried to change this theory for marketing purposes, but I work in the field and this is the truth.

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  3. Full disclosure: I make copper cookware.
    Irrespective of company, however, I suggest one look for markers of quality and performance, which any maker of tin-lined copper cookware knows how to get right.
    First, are the wares hand-tinned? Electroplating is only a few mils thick and is strictly decorative. Tinning copper cookware by hand-wiping is a dangerous, delicate and increasingly rare art, but yields a heavy metal coat that will last for years and years when cared for properly (which means, in essence, don’t heat the pan empty and don’t use stainless steel utensils in it).
    Look for the wipe strokes in the lining, which tell you that it was done by hand and therefore solid, thick and durable. Tin is a very smooth metal, and as it tempers with use becomes even more non-stick. Perhaps best of all and unique among cookware linings, tin can be completely restored for a fraction of the cost of a new pan.
    Second, get the heavy stuff – at least 1.5mm and up to 3mm – to enjoy copper’s unique thermal efficiency and diffusion. Not only does copper heat faster than other culinary metals, it sheds heat quickly (i.e., cooking stops when the cook wants it to, not when the pan feels like it). Even the lowest heat fans out evenly across the entire cooking surface. Net result: no hotspots.
    Finally, the best handles are ductile iron, which heats much more slowly than brass, but expands and contracts in concert with copper. The handle should be attached with solid copper rivets, again to heat and cool at the same rate as the pan and handle.
    Such copperware is expensive because it’s hand-worked and crafted of expensive, high-performance materials. History’s greatest chefs, from August Escoffier to Julia Child to Daniel Boulud, swear by copper in their kitchens for the most demanding tasks. Tin-lined copper cookware simply allows unparalleled control of both time and temperature.
    Go for heavy with a hand-wiped lining from any maker and you’ll get what the fuss is all about.

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