What came first: the knife or the sword?

What came first: the knife or the sword?

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  1. Knives for sure, because no materials existed that were strong enough to make practical swords.
    There are some examples of primitive “edged” wooden striking implements, but most classify these as bludgeons or clubs; they are not made for cutting.
    The first swords were likely copper… Although raw copper is quite soft it can be “work hardened” by beating into at least the length of a short sword.
    Then, bronze… Which was fairly practical and served as material for both knives and swords right up to the development of iron.
    When primitive men wanted a longer weapon, they put the knife on the end of a stick…. The spear.

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  2. “What came first: the knife or the sword?”
    Knives predate swords by a couple of millennia, as the first knives stem from the Stone Age and were merely sharpened stones. The larger stones were used for stone axes and the smaller stones were arrow tips.

    What came first: the knife or the sword?

    Spears often featured a narrow stone knife tied to a long stick and were mostly used as long-handled jabbing instruments than as throwing javelins, which became more prevalent in the Bronze Age.

    What came first: the knife or the sword?

    Bronze swords were quite short because longer swords were prone to shattering, so they were more like long daggers than actual swords the way we view them now.

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  3. Knife. OF course it’s a knife. Come on.
    Well, ok, maybe it’s not that straightforward with our current classification of sword and knife; after all, some even today call a German Kriegsmesser a knife, but if you have to find a difference between a knife and a sword, it has to be utility. You see, a knife is first a tool, then a weapon. A sword is really impractical for pretty much anything but self-defense. (Well, you could hunt with a sword… but spears predate swords in hunting, so…)
    Humans first developed tools to hunt better, to reach nutritious food where it’s not possible to get without a tool, or to make foods more nutritious and generally easier to acquire. A knife is great at cutting leaves and meat, and makes everything a lot easier. It’s relatively easy to sharpen a piece of stone the size of a knife. Not so much when it comes to swords. Axes, spears and atl’atl type ranged weapons would be much easier to produce, and a hell of a lot more useful than something whose main use is to kill others. Swords, I’d say, only became more prominent once civilizations started to go to war, and there was such a need for a weapon deigned solely to kill. By then, humans would’ve been using knives for millennia for simple things like eating.

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  4. The edged weapon is a fascinating thing. The oldest edged weapons are actually javelins, some tips for which have been found that are so old they predate any existing human fossils . Oldest Javelins Predate Modern Humans, Raise Questions on Evolution
    From edged javelin tips, it’s easy to see how the technology would become smaller and more precise, becoming arrow tips and longer and more generalized as knives.
    Chipped stone tools have been found from as far back as 3.3 million years. Stone tool – Wikipedia Whereas swords did not appear until the Bronze Age, with the earliest known examples dating from 3300 BDC, so about 5200 years ago. Sword – Wikipedia
    That’s a good long gap in time where knives, but not swords, were used.

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