What are the distinct uses of a machete knife?

What are the distinct uses of a machete knife?

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  1. The items illustrated in the link you posted are not typical machetes. The first one shown is some kind of stylized short sword. The green handled “Zombie Killer” is actually a kukri style knife. While kukris are used for similar purposes, it is not a machete.
    Machetes are primarily tools used for clearing brush and harvesting. They were not supposed to be weapons, which is why traditional machetes do not have points. In some areas the farmers were not allowed to have weapons, but a blunt nosed tool was permitted. However, as in so many other cases, farm tools were employed very effectively as weapons.
    Many various styles, sizes, and shapes were developed based on the particular needs of the farmers in their particular part of the world. Some interesting variations are the bolo, golok, parang, cane knife, and kukri.
    An internet picture of some Colombian machetes (cane knife in the center).

    What are the distinct uses of a machete knife?

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  2. Looking at the article you reference I wonder if the writer really knows what a machete is, or how many different variants there are.
    The machete is commonly a long, broad, thin knife designed for cutting thin, soft vegetation. The thin blade reduces initial resistance while the broad blade gives it strength. The blade design would also be efficient for cutting meat, somewhat like a large butcher knife.
    Using one like an axe would be difficult as it does not have the weight to cut deeply in woody material and does not provide a wedging action to removes large chips.

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  3. You have got to be kidding. Reminds me of a kid watching me wait on a knife customer in my shop. The gentleman and I were comparing different knives when the boy asked, ‘’What are those good for?’’
    We both wondered who raised this boy because it seemed he didn’t get out much. In any case the customer and I started alternately giving uses for a pocket knife. ‘’Cut string or rope, open a package, open an envelope, open tin can, sharpen a pencil, whittle, carve, make small toys, strip insulation from wire, pull tacks or reverse it and use the hilt to drive a few tacks …..’’
    The machete is just as useful but the scale of possible jobs is larger. Trimming and felling trees, cutting fire wood, harvesting crops such as sugar cane, cutting brush, mowing lawns, cleaning fish n game, killing chickens, setting small plants and on n on. Difference is it won’t fold to go into your pocket.

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