What are the best corrosion resistant blade steels?

What are the best corrosion resistant blade steels?

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  1. Corrosion resistance is just that; a resistance to corrosion ; no steel will not corrode in every environment. So in ordinary uses most so-called “stainless steels” do a pretty good job of resisting corrosion (aka “oxidation”). These are the stainless steels like the 440 class of steels that most people are familiar with.
    Newer alloys of S.S. are being made almost every year. But AUS-8, VG-1, ATS-34, 9Cr13MoV, 8Cr13MoV, 1.4116 and other alloys have been around a while and are used by most of the mid range $$ knife companies. For the money these are acceptable knife steels for corrosion resistance. The best alloy in a mid range blade: 154CM; if you can find a 154CM blade at a reasonable price, buy it.
    So what’s the best stainless steel for a knife blade? Here’s where we get into some exotic metallurgy. Powdered steels seem to have taken over the high-end knife game. There are quite a few out there that use this method of steel making. Alloys like S110V, S30V, Elmax, and CTS – XHP are examples of powdered steels. But they are expensive. High end non-powdered steels like VG-10, AEB-L, Nitro-V, and CPM-154 are all excellent corrosion resistant steels being used in the industry. But experts agree that the very best as far a stainless is probably either LC 200N (aka Z-Finit) or H-1.
    LC 200N is performs very well as a blade steel, with high hardness, high toughness, and corrosion resistance that’s off-the-charts . It was originally developed as ball bearing steel by NASA. This is a virtually stain-proof steel suitable for all sorts of aquatic or corrosive environments. Spyderco is the only production company I know that’s using this steel.
    H-1 s a nitrogen steel that is extremely corrosion resistant; it’s used in knives designed to go in salt water, among the most difficult conditions knives are used in. It’s not a great cutter, being poor at retaining an edge but it won’t rust.

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  2. Generally speaking, quality aside, the higher chromium content the higher the corrosion resistance in stainless steels (same for other steel products as well i.e. carbon-steel – not sure if its the same for all steel alloys though)(there are also other elements that affect corrosion, but are more specific to steel type). As for products or company to choose, I don’t know what type of blade you need (knife, fan, wind turbine, etc.). I also don’t know what you would be using it for (some alloys corrode more or less in certain environments and exposures). It’s best to directly contact companies and explain your criteria.

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  3. Best corrosion resistant blade steels:- Even with stainless steels, in the non-heat treated condition where however much carbon is restricted in carbides as could reasonably be expected, the prepares are not very consumption safe. As far as solidness, tempered steel blades are your smartest option. As the name infers, these blades don’t rust or stain effectively, and subsequently may last you longer than a portion of different blades. Carbon steel is a famous decision for unpleasant use blades. Carbon steel used to be a lot harder, considerably more solid, and simpler to hone than treated steel. They come up short on the chromium content of treated steel, making them vulnerable to consumption.
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  4. Knives that need a normal corrosion resistance can rely in 420C/440 series and derivates.
    Chromium, Molybdenum, Nitrogen improve corrosion resistance while Carbone lower it but improve edge holding.
    Powder technology stainless steels also have a nice corrosion resistance, even with more carbon, because of the very fine grain achieved.
    Marine knives. Some chief knives. Knives that goes intensively in washing machine… All these knives need a better corrosion resistance.
    Most of knives with this type of needs use 420J2 (420B) type. While these steels have a better coorsion resistance than 420C, these are not very good at holding edge. It is a cheap steel that cannot enter in the quality knives category.
    A common trick to improve corrosion resistance is to replace a certain amount of Carbon by Nitrogen. Both play the same hardening role but Carbone accelerate corrosion.
    X15TN, N680, N360, Cronidur30… have similar cutting power than most quality steels but with a way better corrosion resistance. The price is way higher too.
    There is even a powder techology steel called Nitrobe 77 that force higher amount of Nitrogen in the steel that it should be possible. It is supposed to have a very high cutting power, a very high edge holding and a very high corrosion resitance. The price is also higher than most of very high range steels.
    H1 steel is a very different steel. Hardness is required for edge holding. Most of knives steels rely on high Carbone content to make it possible to temper the steel and achieve a very hard martensitic structure. But Martensitic accelerate corrsion. H1 steel does not rely on martensitic…

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