What aluminium alloy do they use for cookware?

What aluminium alloy do they use for cookware?

You can check the answer of the people under the question at Quora “3004 aluminum cookware

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  2. There are four aluminum grades that are most commonly and safely used in cooking:
    1100 aluminum: Commercially pure, resistant to corrosion and most commonly used in food processing industries. It is an excellent workable metal.
    3003 aluminum: The most widely used aluminum alloy and with added manganese is up to 20% stronger than 1100 aluminum. Very workable, like 1100, it has good resistance to corrosion.
    3004 aluminum: heaviest duty aluminum used in the food-service industry.
    5052 aluminum: Has one of the highest fatigue strengths of all the aluminum alloys and is extremely resistant to water corrosion.

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