Tomatokeftedes (fried tomato balls from Santorini, Greece)

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If you’ve read my prior post, you’ll know that I was recently in Greece. My husband & I had the pleasure of visting 2 of the Greek Islands, Mykonos & Santorini. Since our trip, we have a new respect for the Greek cuisine.

We liked it before, but now we LOVE it. I can say that it’s up there on my list of favorites, right under Italian food. My husband agrees. It’s fresh, simple & homey. I’m sure this is why the Greeks live long, healthy lives. It’s the great mediterranean diet.

Being on the islands, of course there was plenty of seafood to eat. Octopus, squid & spiny lobster are favorites.

They are simply grilled & drizzled with olive oil & lemon. (By the way, the olive oil is fantastic.) The Greeks also love eggplant & fava. They were on every menu in one form or another.

There are some dishes that are universal in Greece, but each island has their speciality.
In Santorini, white eggplant (I have a recipe coming so stay tuned), capers, pistachios & fava, but the real star of the island is the baby tomato.

They are sweet, deep red & juicy. Like in the Campagna region of Italy, Santorini has volcanic soil that tomatoes thrive it. Needless to say, they are used in many of their recipes. To give you an example; one restaurant gave us homemade tomato paste to spread on our was yummy! I’ve never seen that before.

Our first night in Santorini, we experience another way they use those delicious tomatoes.

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They are called tomatokeftedes. They are finely diced tomatoes, onion & mint, mixed with some flour, then fried until lightly golden.

From the first bite we were hooked. Naturally the first thing my husband said was, “You HAVE to make these.” He loved them so much, he ordered them everyday as part of our lunch. They were one of our favorites; if not our favorite things we’ve eaten in Santorini.
I knew, as soon as I got home, I was going to try to make tomatokeftedes.

I couldn’t wait to share them with our family & friends, in hopes that they to, will have a different perspective of Greek food as we did.


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