Is there any idea on how to get free skins or even a knife on CS:GO?

Is there any idea on how to get free skins or even a knife on CS:GO?

You can check the answer of the people under the question at Quora “knife skins in csgo

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  1. The only legit way is trading with drops you receive if you truly want to spend nothing on it.
    Doing that with the drops mostly ranging from 3-20 cents will take a long time and cause alot of annoying trouble, i would know as i first went that route before doing qhat i did next:
    Invest some money and do not start off trading from point 0, believe me if you’re smart at what you’re doing you can actually call it an investment of some sort and you wont loose the money. I’ve personally invested probably 200$ into keys and now my inventory is worth more than 3000$ in 10 knives, 150 keys and some playskins.
    What you should never underestimate though is the existance of people trying to rob you of your items, i’ve occured the situation of helping someone trade up to their dream knife to then 2 weeks later see them loose it because they werent being careful and getting greedy so often that i lost count.
    Some basics that help trading and keeping what you traded for:
    1) Be polite and ready to make compromises.
    2) Do not get too greedy, scammers use greed to make you forget about checking the situation properly.
    3) Don’t expect to instantly get rich and let yourself down by it, you will slowly make your way up and often enough find yourself in very profitable situations by luck if someone doesnt know their item has a great float / pattern.
    4) #1 rule to not get scammed: If you have to ask yourself “Is this legit?” chances are 99% that it is not legit.
    5) Don’t agree to weird trades, you trade within the steam boundarys or you don’t do the trade.
    6) People offering you steam gift cards are not offering you steam giftcards, you will know what that means once you started trading for a bit.
    7) Before you hit a link make sure it is legit, if you hit one and it asks you to login to steam eventho you were logged in already then by no means login.
    8) If someone asks you to join his teamspeak to talk about a trade, tell him steam call will do, if you join the teamspeak you will most likely find yourself getting a popup telling you to update teamspeak but actually you will download a rat and boom your account is gone.
    9, incase you want to cash out someday) Do not agree to selling anything without a middleman of your choice that you get from OR sell on platforms like opskins, you will have to give a decent discount to actually sell your items but hey its cash instead of a virtual item that you can only use for trading and not for buying stuff in any shop of your choice.
    I probably forgot half of what i wanted to say but this should give you a general idea whats important, if you have any questions just ask me 🙂

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