Is there a good chef’s knife that can be purchased for under $30?

Is there a good chef’s knife that can be purchased for under $30?

You can check the answer of the people under the question at Quora “best chefs knife under 50

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  1. I’m not quite familiar with US pricing, but it should be broadly comparable. In Gemany: No.
    You can get workable, or even somewhat decent knives with the silouette and dimensions of a chefs knife for that kind of money.
    An actual chef’s knife isn’t only defined by its silouette, though: the profile of the blade is important. Serious knives are continuously ground, meaning they’re not slabs of sheet metal with a half-inch wide ground section towards the cutting edge, but bevelled from the relatively thick back to the edge. The best ones have a constantly chqnging angle, excpt for the very edge. This does make a tremendous difference.
    Also, they are relatively heavy and thick. This is the thing that makes them so great as allround knives: when finly chopping herbs, for example, you can let the weight of the knife do most of the work, but you can also split a whole cabbage or pumpkin without too much work.
    And so on and on and on. Few details of a claseical chef’s knife’s shape are without purpose.
    Can look-alikes be really sharp? Sure. They just won’t stay that way for any length of time. Can one make them work? Yes, definitely. Just not quite as well and efficiently as the real thing.
    TL, DR: if you need something to stand in for a chef’s knife that will do in a household setting, or generate no hard feelings when idiots abuse it: yeah, you can get something for around thirty bucks.
    If you don’t need that thing right now on a tighly restricted budget / aren’t worried about it growing legs or being brutally abusd by idiots on a regular basis: spend seventy to a hundred and fifty bucks (just a guesstimate) and get a real chef’s knife. It’s worth it.
    I’ll shoot some photos at work tomorrow to illustrate what I’m talking about.

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  2. You can get a Mercer 8″ chef’s knife at just over $30 if you look for them online. I have a couple of the Mercer Millennia knives and I am extremely happy with the quality for the price and I have no hesitation recommending them. I think the 8″ chef’s knife is $32 – $33 online.
    You could also spend much less and buy the kind of knives found in professional kitchens all over the country. Dexter-Russel Sani-safe knives are nothing fancy but they’re perfectly serviceable, take a good edge, easy to sharpen and are cheap. No the steel is not the best available and the handles are not the most elegant but they are more than adequate for anything a home chef is going to throw at them. If/when they wear out, they’re cheap to replace. You should be able to find an 8″ chef’s knife online for around $20. I have seen them for considerably less a times.

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  3. I can recommend two options which may not be $30 but will get you close. One is to go to your local restaurant supply store and buy whatever they have. Its a basic chef’s knife with a plastic handle. They’re not pretty, but they’re what thousands of professional chefs use daily. The second option is a Victorinox chef’s knife with a fibrox (plastic) handle. They’re listed on their website as $48.50, but you can find them other places at $40 or lower. They also come in a slightly pricier version with a rosewood handle. They’re very similar to the restaurant supply store knife.
    Edit: Whoops, just checked Page on for basic chef’s knives. They’re apparently closer to $10. So there you go, buy what the professionals buy, use until they’re worn out, and then buy again. This basically applies for all kitchen stuff. Skillets, sauce pans, cutting boards, spoons, spatulas, etc., etc. If you don’t have a big budget, shop where the professionals do. The only things you might not want to buy there are appliances because those will be more expensive (and you don’t a waffle maker designed to make 100 waffles a day, every day for years.)

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  5. There is nothing wrong with purchasing a used knife..after all a quality knife is meant to last many years and provide service to generations. Yard sales, garage sales and places like the Goodwill are good sources for excellent quality cutlery for pennies on the dollar. If you are compelled to have them professionally sharpened, be certain that the technician does it all by electric wheels ruining a fine knife.

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  6. You can buy very nice ceramic knives for under $30 on Amazon. They are amazingly sharp, hold an edge far longer than steel and are very light. The downside is that they are brittle. Drop them and they shatter, use one to pry open frozen meat and it will snap in two. But for slicing and chopping they really can’t be beat and are very inexpensive. Kyrocera knives are the best ceramics, but are usually above your $30 limit.

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