Is knife throwing a deadly serious skill? Why or why not?

Is knife throwing a deadly serious skill? Why or why not?

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  1. I am proficient in knife throwing and I can tell you it is not an effective fighting method. It takes a great deal of practice to do it even moderately well and in a fighting situation, there are much, much better weapons.
    You see people in the movies who throw knives off a horse and hit a running person in the throat at 10 yards – not realistic. There may be a handful of people on Earth who could do that with any reliability, but they devoted their lives to reaching that level.
    Knife throwing is a useless skill, but it is good exercise and develops mental focus, visual acuity and coordination. There’s something primitively satisfying about throwing a knife and getting it to stick in a target – no technology, just you and the knife and target. Plus it just looks badass. But no, it’s not effective as a fighting tactic

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  2. IF you’ve practiced knife throwing for a long, long time, and…
    IF your assailant stands fairly still, and…
    IF he happens to be at the distance you’ve practiced, and…
    IF you’re not too nervous and can calmly get off a perfect throw, and…
    IF the assailant isn’t wearing a jacket or heavy clothing…
    THEN … he’ll say, “ouch!”, and look down at the little wound you’ve caused.
    THEN he’ll then see the knife that fell to the ground (it won’t stick in).
    THEN he’ll pick that knife up.
    THEN you’ve got a really pissed off assailant with a minor wound… and you’ve provided him with a knife.
    Good luck… you’re gonna need it.

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  3. Knife throwing looks so good in the movies, doesn’t it? The fellow throws his trusty knife, which always strikes point-first and sinks right up to the hilts in the other guy’s body….. Who then promptly falls over and dies.
    Anyone who’s ever thrown knives (and I’ve done this since about 1965…) knows that computing the correct “turn over” distance to a target that’s moving or an unknown distance away is next to impossible.
    That most anyone can dodge out of the way of a thrown object.
    That even a perfectly-thrown and very sharp knife will likely only penetrate a couple of inches in flesh and less if it has to go through clothing.
    That a knife sticking in the wound means minimal bleeding for the victim… If the guy was all juiced up for combat he might not even notice till later.
    And so forth. In reality, throwing away a perfectly good weapon is a bad idea. Knife throwing as a sport or hobby is great fun, but for fighting you’d do better to hang on.

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  4. Yes, it is. There are knives designed for throwing (called “throwing knives”). They are heavily weighted at the blade tip so as to hit the target blade-first when thrown. Throwing other types of knives is usually not a good idea. First, it’s hard to throw a “regular” knife properly. Second, if you’re actually in a fight for your life and all you have is that knife — which can be quite an effective weapon — you use it to thrust in and kill your opponent. You don’t throw it away!

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  5. I think it is a potentially deadly skill if you master it, that is, if you can throw knives more than 8 feet away and stick your knife to the target pretty consistently at any distance and direction (assuming that you’re throwing Thorn-style and not spin style. Spin-style is just terribly unsuitable for combat). I would recommend that instead of throwing your knife immediately, why not keep it and use for close-quarter combat (FMA skills may enhance your knife fighting prowess); essentially you’d be giving the enemy a free weapon once throwing goes out of plan.

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  6. Well sure it’s deadly serious, because you could kill yourself or another person by doing it wrong, or by doing it right. It has the potential to be lethal, although actual accidental deaths from knife throwing, or for that matter, from deliberate thrown knife attacks, must be some pretty low numbers in the real world… But you could definitely injure and maybe kill somebody with a thrown knife, so it’s certainly deadly serious, and if you’re throwing knives, you need to be responsible and take safety precautions for yourself and others.
    Now, whether knife throwing is a useful tactical skill in the modern world is another question… Most would say you’re better off bringing more and larger guns rather than a bunch of knives, or just carrying ammo rather than knives, and if you’re down to just a knife, you hold on to it. In any case, knife throwing is a fun hobby if not a totally serious skill, but knives do bounce off the target, sometimes back at you, so be safe, don’t put your eye out!

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  8. Knife throwing can be considered deadly in the sense that you should not throw knives at people and you wouldn’t want to get hit with one.
    It is POSSIBLE to die from a thrown knife, but not likely.
    Throwing knives are actually designed to be safer than regular knives, which is why they are thick near the points. This is to prevent deep penetration. This was no those guys who used to do knife throwing performances won’t likely kill their assistant if they accidentally hit her.
    However, knife throwing is not a reliable form of self-defense. Hitting a stationary target is one thing, but a moving one is another. Distance will also change which will effect the ability to hit with the point, and if you train indoors or at a range your perception of distance might be different than when throwing out in the open.
    Even if you can overcome all these issues, you’d still have a weapon that has limited capacity (you’d likely not carry more than 3) and is slow to use.
    My advice is that id you are interested in throwing knives learn to do so safely and as a hobby or sport, not as a form of self-defense. One point about older sources is that it was common before recent years for people to practice with throwing weapons without using eye protection. This should not be done. When training with any projectile or thrown weapon, use eye protection.

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  9. Throwing knives takes skill to do it well, but even when you do it well, it’s more useful as a distraction rather than anything that’s seriously combat effective.
    Getting a knife to stick requires the right revolution of the blade in sync with the target, with enough force to stick into the target. Throwing knives, like most other well-crafted knives, are handle-heavy. The knife is going to spin when you throw it. To a certain degree, you can influence how it spins, but only to the point before you let go of it.
    If you do it right, the knife will spin so the blade will hit the target, the point will puncture, and the blade will stick. Throwing knives at a moving target is difficult, and all the more difficult if the target is moving away.
    Depending on what the target is, the blade might just bounce off, or fail to stick. In all the knife-throwing I’ve seen by professionals who practice every day, they still fail to stick the target about 25% of the time.
    Throwing a knife and getting it to stick is impressive, but not a great thing for combat. Why would I throw my knife at you and stick you once when I could hold onto it and stab you much more effectively?
    Thrown weapons—knives, stars, discs, etc.—are a harrying distraction. “Duck this thrown thing while I reach for a more effective weapon.” I have never seen a movie that portrays it accurately, just because throwing a KA-BAR into your enemy’s neck up to the guard looks so much more badass.

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  10. Not for most knives. What you usually see in ninja films are utterly useless as actual deadly weapons. If you wanted real damage, you want a heavy bo-shurikan, (a throwing dart,) or one of these
    A throwing axe would be better, but in general, you don’t want to throw your weapons away in battle.
    regardless, throwing axes and knives and getting a good stick is crazy satisfying, and a good way to spend a few hours with friends.

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