Is it true how knives and swords sound like in movies?

Is it true how knives and swords sound like in movies?

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  1. Hello,
    Being an avid movie watcher and somebody who has enjoyed video games from a young age, I’ve noticed quite often how identical some sounds are to one another. Even if the film or game is years and years apart, the sound of a bullet ricochet or (more notably) a door being opened is identical.
    Stock sound effect
    This explains some of the most famous stock sounds used in films, but the lists that are included on the wiki article are mostly older sounds. It’s difficult to point out specific examples just off the top of my head, they can range from some of the sounds used in Spongebob Squarepants to the video game Elder Scrolls: Morrowind, Oblivion and Skyrim. Most door opening sounds in video games and movies are the exact same clip, used over and over again. Ranging from either a quick, scuffing sound that is probably meant to be used with a door which is older and is scuffing the floor or placed into a frame which is not properly fit. To a clean, unshackling sound.
    To answer your question directly, no, it is not true how they sound in movies. Stock sounds are used now and will probably be used forever. Just like how punching somebody in the face does not actually let off the comical “wap” sound. With a few exceptions, punching somebody in the face is soundless. But soundlessness is not very dramatic, and hollywood is all about drama.

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  2. It depends on the films.
    Some films do a pretty good job, others not so much.
    For example, a lot of the sounds made when swords are drawn in movies are these bright steely hisses…they sound great.
    This sound can be made when a sword is drawn, but only when the throat (the bit where the sword enters the sheath) is metal…if it’s wood or leather, the sound is quite different.
    Honestly, the biggest difference, in my opinion is, with western swordsmanship, is that there’s a lot more scraping.
    Blade to blade contact in films and television is often very crisp, you get these really clean metallic impacts.
    Real sword fighting would be a lot messier.
    For example, this clip from a HEMA tournament…the sound isn’t exactly right as they’re using federschwerts, which are a very old form of fencing foil. A feder is blunt and has a very narrow blade, but a very thick edge…so the actual impacts themselves sound a bit different.
    But, the impacts aren’t always that crisp…you get some crisp singular impacts, but a lot have the blades richochet slightly and impact a second time, and because of the way some of the historical fighting styles work, you get a lot of scraping sounds.

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