Is it possible to kill someone with a plastic knife?

Is it possible to kill someone with a plastic knife?

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  1. A2A.
    A small number of businesses manufacture “knives” made of polycarbonate or even composites, such as graphite-boron. While these “knives” won’t hold an edge, the majority are durable enough to deform metal if/when they are used for puncturing. That means that they will easily penetrate human or animal bodies, if need be.
    That they are not commonly available or used more often is because they are, frankly, inferior to almost any steel knife that is on the market. Their main purposes are to allow the user to either disguise the fact that they are carrying a weapon from metal detectors or to disguise the fact that the object is indeed a weapon.
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  2. Yes and no. Certainly not the plastic knives they sell at the grocery store! I have owned several “plastic” knives of various quality, designed specifically for smuggling past magnometer checkpoints.
    The first was the classic “CIA Letter Opener” modeled after the A. G. Russell “Sting” bootknife from a plasticized fiberglass compound which would take a rough edge. I had intended to stab a corrupt judge in the throat with it before eating a cyanide capsule. He broke many laws, including multiple counts of child pornography which he was later disbarred for. “Paul I Miles” of Orleans County, NY. Horrible man. Anyhow, the situation took an unexpected turn and I changed my mind… that was 30 years ago and things eventually got much better. You can hammer one of those things through a 1″ thick pine board.
    My second was a Grivory push dagger marketed by Cold Steel Knives. When I lived in a studio apartment in a building infested with black widows and roaches in a crime ridden section of Tidewater, that was my “shower knife.” I also had a “toilet gun” (Cobray 410 derringer loaded with 45 Long Colt, oiled and kept in a soap dish). I snapped it in half doing penetration tests on a wet phone book. It was garbage.
    My current one is a long pointy push dagger custom made by Fred Perrin with a Kydex sheath. It is made from G10 plastic and very sharp. It will pop right through a heavy leather motorcycle jacket with ease and would probably hold together for a few stabs before it breaks. Very nasty piece of work you could easily sneak into a federal building or past TSA if you had a mind to. Fred gave it to me after I ordered a few custom LaGriffes.
    G10 is the best material to make plastic knives from, followed perhaps by carbon fiber. These knives can take a rough edge, but cannot slice nearly as well as steel. They can achieve very deep penetration in soft tissue like the gut, throat, kidney. If you are accurate and lucky, it will kill. Deadlier than G. Gordon Liddy’s sharpened pencil shank anyway.
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