Is it legal for me to carry a pocket knife into my workplace in Pennsylvania?

Is it legal for me to carry a pocket knife into my workplace in Pennsylvania?

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  1. Philadelphia has a restriction on ALL knives, they had an exception put into the law “for cities of the First Class”, which I believe only Philadelphia fits the description for.
    They used to have one for guns (License To Carry Firearms) LTCF issue, but when the gun laws got rewritten to cover the Federal NICS background checks in 1994, they lost their exemption “For cities of the First Class” and now MUST issue licenses like every other county in Pennsylvania.
    Where I work they have a corporate policy of “No Weapons”, but my boss and group leader, and the rest of us carry a razor knife because we can’t do our job without it.
    Some places are fanatic about “No knives” policy, but that is it is their private property, and a rule of employment. The state law, outside the city of Philadelphia, is a pocket knife is fine, if it is folding.
    I read a story once in a New York magazine about stage hands/roadies at shows getting arrested by Philly cops for carrying a carton knife. They got stopped at 2–3 AM after a show, and they are not “Working” onsite anymore, so the “work” exemption doesn’t apply and get arrested. NYC cops also going after folks for what they define as a “Gravity Knife” (Illegal in NY) was discussed in the article.

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  2. According to this site (

    ) there are *few restrictions on open or concealed carry of a non-switchblade “pocket knife” unless you intend mischief with it. Your employer may have restrictions in place about the possession of knives on their property. Certain cities, notably Philadelphia, impose severe restrictions on any “cutting weapon”, which seem to include public possession of any kind of knife whatsoever. So the answer depends on circumstances and location. Do yourself a favor and inquire with your local law-enforcement branch before you go forth with a sharp-edged tool on your person.

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