Is a .22LR in a pistol a good idea for self-defense?

Is a .22LR in a pistol a good idea for self-defense?

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  1. No gun is a good idea for self defense or ANY OTHER REASON if you do not completely understand what having a gun and what it is for.
    Too many people neurotically race to buy a gun thinking that it will keep them safe and all too often shoot themselves or a family member, a pet or anyone besides whoever might be a danger.
    Also, there are laws which govern where, who, why and etc about shooting someone.

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  2. No, it is not.
    People often confuse lethality with stopping power.
    For self-defense, you need stopping power.
    When you are under attack, your goal is to stop the assailant.
    .22, while very lethal, has very little stopping power unless you hit a vital organ that would cause your attacker to die right away, your only hope is that pain will stop him.
    The problem with this is that under the influence of certain drugs in combination with high levels of adrenaline, your assailant may not feel the pain and will continue his attack.
    If he kills you and dies later, that defeats the purpose of self-defense.
    Proper large-caliber hollow-point or a shotgun blast is much more likely to stop him in his tracks and terminate his attack.

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  3. I will assume you are familiar with your local laws regarding firearms and self defense…
    The .22 LR….??? Utterly lethal…
    Over 40 years in Emergency Medicine, I have attended more fatal wounds from .22 LR than from all other calibers and gages of pistol, rifle and shotguns put together.
    This includes 4 wars, postings in several large US cities and years of work in those parts of the Developing World my President rightly referred to as “Shitholes”…
    This is not because the round is particularly lethal, but because it the pistols that chamber it are compact, easily concealed, easily mastered, a wide range of inexpensive firearms are available to chamber it and the ammunitions is likewise inexpensive and widely available.
    Literally hundreds of millions of firearms and trillions of rounds of ammunition….
    If you cannot afford, do not want, or cannot physically handle a larger caliber weapon, a .22 LR pistol is the ideal choice for YOU.
    If the Keyboard Kommandos begin their howling about “Stopping Power” or any of the rest of the “Caliber Shaming” crap, ask them if they are volunteering to stand in front of a .22 LR pistol and take a round…
    Carry what you have, carry what you can master, carry what you can commit to carrying every day.
    But CARRY…

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  4. There are many things that you could use for self defense, but if you’re at the planning stage, of buying a gun for home defense, you probably want a different caliber.
    22’s are fun “plinking” guns, but I think they would be toward the end of the list, if you were listing best calibers for self defense.
    If you’re set on a pistol, rather than a shotgun, I would buy a 40 caliber. But that’s just my personal preference opinion.
    45 caliber and 9mm are also popular self defense rounds. 380 rounds are also on the small side, but they’re a better choice for self defense than the 22.
    Be safe!!!!

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  5. Compared to the other options like sub compact or compact firearms in 9mm etc no, but if it’s all you can afford then yes. Anything is better than nothing, if you’re purchasing it because it is small and easily concealed then you need to look at sub compact and compact handguns in 9mm there are tons of options and they will put the aggressor down much faster, but if a 22lr is all you can afford they WILL KILL maybe not as quick but usually people who get shot at run anyway so you might not need a bigger caliber but why risk it if you dont have to?

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  6. Any firearm that you can practice with such that you can shoot well under pressure is a good start for self defense.
    As a self defense round, the 22LR relies on the other guy being not very determined and really not enjoying being shot. If the other guy really doesn’t want to be shot, and isn’t that dedicated to his or her cause, then shooting them with a 22LR makes them quit the fight. Job done!
    If you are a good shot, excellent under pressure and the target presentation is fortunate your odds go way up that you hit them some place that increases the chance of them quitting.
    All in, there are better general purpose rounds for self defense. I would put 22LR toward the bottom of my list (along with the 25 and 32 auto).

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