If someone was holding a knife to your neck, would it benefit you to try and grab it?

If someone was holding a knife to your neck, would it benefit you to try and grab it?

You can check the answer of the people under the question at Quora “you have to be the one holding the knife meaning

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  1. You aren’t necessarily dead, it depends on so many factors, disparity of strength, how committed your attacker is, whether you have a weapon and, probably most important, whether you have had any unarmed combat training. With a name like yours, I assume you are female. I would suggest any female of average strength and fitness should take at least a few months of self defense training. I do not mean the typical judo or tai kwan do, go find a class that specifically teaches women to fend off attacks by men. You don’t need to learn fancy throws or chopping planks of wood into pieces, you need to learn how to stamp on someone’s instep, dragging the edge of your shoe down his shin, or knee him in the naughty bits. A couple of months and you won’t have to worry about grabbing a sharp knife by the blade.
    Or, be like my wife, disabled and nearing retirement age. She would be kicking herself afterwards for letting him get that close but, before that, he will have too many 9mm hollow points in him to worry about cutting her throat (well, I certainly hope it goes that way).
    But remember the Tueller Drill, and if you haven’t heard of it, google it. If you let a committed attacker with a knife within about thirty feet of you (some say more), you will almost certainly be dead unless you take the initiative and stop him before he can stop you — permanently. If he is simply holding a knife to your neck, he wants something. And it isn’t your immediate death (though that might come later).

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  2. The fact that they are “holding” the knife to your neck, not slicing your throat means they want something from you (perhaps before they kill you). There is a very effective tactical knife to the throat defense for an attacker in front (or behind) with the knife to the throat situations. However, this requires a skilled instructor AND plenty of training repetitions (tactical elements and physical skills). Krav Maga, JKD, Kali, etc should have these decent knife situational defense skills.
    Finally, if they only want your stuff, give it to them. However, if they want to take you somewhere else, grab the knife, bite, claw, kick, fight like a wild animal, etc., but don’t go to crime scene #2.

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  3. Honestly just do what you want it’s your life in there hands, What I would do is die fighting, I would do this by trying to grab the knife directly resulting in cutting my hand if the blades sharp enough or grabbing the single point on there wrist to try and turn it around on them towards there neck or If I had a knife of my own I would take it and ask them a question. As I’m pointing the knife towards one of there vitals, Are you willing to sacrifice your life for mine to test there conviction, That’s what I would do and if they said yes well then that’s it there going to die with me, It’s what they asked for, Then so be it I’ve been put in multiple life or death situations and I’ve done many things and each time I automatically assumed I’m dead 😵, and Fought because that’s just me, I like to go out with a bang even if it’s a small one. As well even if I didn’t have a knife I’d still ask if there willing to trade there life for mine because there are those people who are shot in the head or killed who have been known to death grip someone and kill them even though there dead it’s a real thing and I ask them if there willing to risk that. That’s why if your ever taught to shoot as self defense they tell you to keep your distance because anything can happen. Also if your dealing with a long distance fighter either make a tactical retreat and call the police and mount a place of defense like in schools they say shelter in place, or try and get in close if you want to be a hero and get lucky and take them out. There you have it this is my answer to your question whether it’s right or wrong, I’ll leave that up to you to decide.

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