I want to learn how to manipulate a balisong (butterfly) knife, for defense, and for cool factor. What’s the best way to learn?

I want to learn how to manipulate a balisong (butterfly) knife, for defense, and for cool factor. What’s the best way to learn?

You can check the answer of the people under the question at Quora “advanced butterfly knife tricks

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  2. the person who answered you question(the first one)
    is prob a balisong purest not the good kind so screw him and here we start
    best ways fo improve is to get a balisong over 100 or a squiddy maybe bbbarfly and watch flippers you like.
    try to watch them perform tricks in slow mo and recreate them BUT you need to learn basic tricks first.
    the basic tricks can be found on bigflips channel.
    all the tricks there are begginer or intermediate even if it says advanced. trust me, learn all of them and get good at them and you be able to string your own combos

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  3. Learn on a live blade. DONT EVER use one of those blunted trainers, they teach you could habits and not to respect the live blade. I was taught by a woman that was one of the best fighters ive ever seen, she, when an issue of comp[entancy or lack of practice was a factor, would tape her blade with painters tape, and essentially blunt the knife herself until she could figure out the weight and mechanics of the move. Training blades are bad news, the weight is totally off on them, they dont balance well and they are poorly made. if you’re going to do it, do it right and learn to respect the edge.
    You dont learn to shoot accurately with a training gun. just dont be a fuicking idiot about it

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  4. Get a a trainer, either with a dulled blade or blank in place of it. Honestly, you can go ahead and get a blade if you are serious and learn lesson number one. The clasp ALWAYS flys. Every time. If you respect that it’s really hard to get cut. If you start throwing it up in the air and other pointless shit, all bets are off. That crap is useless in the real world. The last thing you do in a fight is turn loose of your weapon for any reason. I started with the balisong around age 10, I be only been cut once due to a blade installed backwards in the knife. One thing…if you are serious about defense, look at the karambit instead. Trust .

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  5. Never, never, NEVER use a live (sharp!) weapon for practice, unless and until you are already approaching full competence with the practice instrument, and have someone on hand to render first aid should it become necessary. Instead, use a well-balanced substitute that simulates the live weapon as closely as possible when practicing.
    As answered earlier, the balisong is not generally regarded as a first-tier self-defense weapon. Firstly, it takes some time to deploy, time you may not have. Secondly, it’s fiddly – the more complex a weapon is to deploy and utilize, the more ways it can fail you when facility matters most.
    Balisongs only lock the blade when fully closed, making it more likely to bite *you* during transitions. It only takes an unanticipated or unnoticed half-turn on the longitudinal axis of the knife to give you a very bad day (and as-designed, many balisong knives don’t have a clear “tactile” indication *on the hilt* of which side of the knife is sharp). The functional loss of your dominant hand during combat is a non-trivial risk.
    Thirdly, in the West at least, it’s difficult to explain to a jury that you weren’t carrying it with “intent to go armed”, as the balisong doesn’t have a particular non-combat practical application that wouldn’t be better served with a simple penknife, and might be judged by the judge/jurist as “intimidating”.
    Most importantly, knives in general aren’t great “self-defense” weapons. Prized on the battlefield, they have a multitude of devastating *offensive* applications, but fewer solid defensive ones. Unless your intent is to kill your attacker, there are better melee options.

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