How To Organize Your Pantry Shelves

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As the sensible way of life becomes more and more popular, people are looking for new ways to make sure they can avoid waste in their kitchens. For most families, a large part of waste produced in a kitchen is food that has expired or gone rotten. Organizing your pantry shelves properly will help you avoid this kind of waste and ensure that you always have the food items you need.

Here are some tips and tricks you can use to get the most out of your pantry space.

1. Know what to keep

Although this may seem like a no brainer, it’s an important step that many people forget about when organizing their pantry shelves. Keeping items that you do not need or will not use is a waste of time and money as there is no point in having them sitting on a shelf taking up space.

2. Keep small items together

When it comes to cans, jars and bottles there is nothing worse than opening up your cupboard for a certain spice only to find that you have all the sauce spices instead of the one you were looking for! In order to avoid such disasters from happening, it is a good idea to keep all your small items together in these kinds of things:

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This type of organization will make it easier for you to stock up on the food you need and find what you are looking for more quickly.

3. Label everything

This may seem like a tedious task but labeling your pantry shelves will save you lots of time later on when trying to find out where something is or if there is enough of a certain item. Instead of simply writing down what each item is and the amount, be sure to write these things as well:

This will make things easier for you and your family to find exactly what they are looking for and avoid any arguments or frustration.

4. Group like items

Just because we may eat a different breakfast every morning doesn’t mean we keep all our cereal boxes together! For the sake of organization, grouping like items is important as it makes sure that everything has its place; this way, when you take something out or put something back in place, there won’t be any issues with taking up too much space.

5. Keep frequently used items at eye level

If there is one thing that annoys people more than anything else, it’s going through a whole cupboard just to find basic kitchen staples such as oil, vinegar or even cereal! Keeping frequently used items at eye level is always a good idea as it will save you lots of time.

6. Place high on the shelves

When putting your pantry shelves together there are certain items that you should put higher up, while some can be placed lower on the low shelves. Put higher up on the pantry shelves:

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On the other hand, keep these things lower down:

This way you’ll know for sure where to go when trying to find something specific.

7. Group like items together

As with grouping all small item together this too will help save space and avoid wasting time looking for what you need. Here are some examples of how to group like items together in your pantry:

This will definitely help you stay organized and it is a lot simpler than trying to remember where everything is!

8. Use every space available (to the best of your ability)

Some closets are simply too small or oddly shaped to fit everything that you want within them, but if possible try placing items in every space available.

Moving things around when cleaning up is always an option if they’re not in your way; this will allow you easy access to what’s needed for cooking dinner or breakfast the next day.

Although some spaces may be too small to hold much more than condiments, bags of smaller items such as cereal, chips and snacks can be placed there instead without any issues.

9. Clean out regularly

Most people don’t realize that the longer things are left sitting in pantry shelves, the more they will start to gather dust and expire.

There is nothing worse than finding an item months after buying it to only find out it’s spoiled or expired! That’s why cleaning your pantry shelves regularly is crucial for keeping them organized and well maintained.

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10. Keep frequently used tools within reach

When you’re busy cooking or baking, one of the last things you want to be doing is looking around for a tool that you need urgently.

Keeping frequently used tools within reach saves time when cooking and can even prevent frustration by not having to go through cupboards every time you need something specific.

This type of organization may take some planning but it definitely pays off in the end. If you put the time and effort into it, it will help make things easier for yourself and your family and also prevent wasting money by not having to throw away spoiled food or expired goods.

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