How to Become a Good Cook: A Beginner’s Guide

How to Become a Good Cook A Beginner’s Guide
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Cooking is a skill that everyone should have. The basics are easy to learn, but mastering cooking requires extensive experience. This article will get you started on the path of becoming a master chef by teaching you how to cook the basics.

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Creating a Cooking Station

You can create a cooking station anywhere outside by placing down a solid object such as a wooden crate or a metal desk, then using a crowbar on it to dislodge it. Using the cooking station will allow you to make your food with additional options, such as adding a fridge or using a pot.

Saucepan (not available for gas stoves)

To cook something on the stove, you first need to open up your inventory and select an item to cook.

Once you’ve selected it, click “Use” followed by “Stove.” If your pot or pan isn’t already on the stove, use your crowbar on it to dislodge it before cooking begins. A new window will pop up with all of the options available for cooking that particular food. Here are some basic pointers:

You can only use one utensil per dish unless that utensil is microwave-safe. Microwaves allow you to reheat dishes that have already been cooked without using another pot.

You can stack multiple ingredients in one pot, but the total volume of all ingredients must be equal to or less than the volume of the pot. For example, you can fit two potatoes and an egg into a small pot, but not two chickens.

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Range vs. Oven

Using a stove versus an oven isn’t just about speed; there are some very important differences between the two:

The range is faster than the oven because it only takes 1 unit of power to cook something on it instead of 4 units for the oven.

It also only requires half as much stability (10 compared to 20), so it’s more efficient to set up temporary cooking stations near wherever your base gets crowded with items/machines.

Some things can only be made on the range, such as fried eggs and pancakes, so it’s a good idea to have one near your fridge. It can also serve as an alternative heat source for heating up frozen food instead of the oven.

The stove is more efficient at making many small dishes quickly than the oven because there is no minimum dish size requirement.

You could technically cook a single hamburger patty on a range if you wanted to, but you’d have to cook three patties in a row using three separate cups of oil on an oven before you could eat it.

The stove is also more efficient for cooking ingredients that require high amounts of heat, such as steak or hot chocolate (you need to heat up cream and milk).

Using the Fridge

The fridge is a great way to keep your food fresh for as long as possible. Keeping it stocked with fruit, vegetables or eggs will allow you to store those ingredients for much longer than usual:

You can even keep fish fresh by putting them in the fridge! Once preserved, you can eat them raw later (or use them as an ingredient) without having to cook them first. You can also place cooked fish into fridges to preserve it for eating later on.

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Keep in mind that if you’re storing large quantities of food in your fridge, it will drain power from your generator more quickly than usual so plan accordingly.

The Power System

There are two kinds of power generators in the game: solar and diesel. They both provide 100 units of power, but they work differently from each other.

Solar Power

A solar panel is a special object that requires you to be at least level 5 before it can be crafted. It needs to be placed outside in direct sunlight (i.e., the sky must not be blocked by any buildings or walls) and it will produce 100 units of power every 24 hours.

Since real-time in the game matches up with real-time, this means that if your computer’s internal clock says it’s 2 pm then the sun is also shining on your solar panels directly right now as well (of course, different places receive sunlight at different times).

If you’re using a laptop like myself, a good rule of thumb is to use the time shown on the computer itself.

Diesel Power

The diesel generator can be assembled at level 5 and requires you to have at least 50 units of scrap metal in order to craft it.

Once placed, it functions similarly to a solar panel in that you cannot build anything on top of it or nearby because it would obstruct its energy production.

The difference between solar panels and diesel generators is that while the former takes 24 hours to produce power, the latter only consumes fuel when producing power (the amount depends on how much power you’re using).

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That means all other things being equal a diesel generator will produce more energy over a period of time than a solar panel. You should also note that solar panels can’t produce power during the night (i.e., when the sun has set).

To keep track of how much power you’re currently generating, use the monitoring machine near either type of generator.

The display will show red bars for solar generators and blue bars for diesel generators. It will also display your current wattage level next to it in units (you can hover over this value with your mouse to see what it translates into in light bulbs or other machines).

If any bar is at least half way filled then you know that generator is providing at least 50 units of power.

Finally, note that if either generator detects something wrong with its wiring system it will turn off automatically, so be sure all wires are connected correctly!

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