How long can a quality knife set last a person just starting out in life, and how much would something like that cost?

How long can a quality knife set last a person just starting out in life, and how much would something like that cost?

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  1. I get asked this all the time. You can buy a knifeblock set of knives but you won’t use half of them in your lifetime. All you need to do just about anything in the kitchen is a paring knife, a utility knife (longer paring knife), a Chef’s knife, and a bread knife or serrated edged knife. These four types of knives will serve you well your whole life. Of course, a knifeblock is impressive sitting on your counter.
    As for what kind or brand to get depends on your budget. I have a whole drawer of knives I have tried. I should give them away but just haven’t had the time. The best brand or style is the one that best fits your hand. If you get a set that fits well then chopping and slicing is a breeze and actually fun.
    As opposed to some people who have shared their bit of unsolicited advice in response to some of my postings on Quora, you don’t have to spend a fortune on knives as long as you plan to maintain them for as long as you have them. Nothing lasts unless you do some preventive maintenance. The brand I like is Chicago Cutlery. They make entry level knives, but they cut like more expensive ones. If you get a knifeblock, you will get every knife you will ever use and be just as happy as some who spent $200 and up on knives that their ego said they needed to have.
    A shelter dog will love you just as much as a $100 or a $1000 dollar dog.

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  2. If you want quality knives, look to spend around £100 for 4 knives that’ll last you, if you look after them
    8″ chefs knife
    6″ veg knife
    4″ paring knife
    Depending on which way your going, you might want a chopper, or fish/boning knife.
    Spend another £20+ on a sharpener.
    Spending around £100+ on this lot, and get the best you can. They should if looked after, last you for many years.

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  3. Do not buy somebody, especially a young person, a knife set.
    First, sets are a rip-off. They may contain knives that are perfectly fine, but nobody will ever use them all and they just cost a lot of money and take up space for nothing.
    Second, if you want this person to really take the act of using a knife seriously, get them something good but not so expensive that they’ll feel guilty parting with it someday. You can easily spend about $100 on a Wusthof chef’s knife that will more than serve all of the needs of anybody just starting out in life. You can spend even less on the chef’s knife, and thus throw in a paring knife to go with it. I cook every day, and I cook with love, and the only knives I use are a chef’s knife, and very occasionally a paring knife. That’s all anybody who isn’t a butcher or a fresh fish fanatic needs. When I lived in Asia, I used a cleaver and nothing else.
    It’s likely that at some point, this gift knife is either going to get lost or damaged if the person really is just starting out in life, and in any case they’ll eventually develop their own ideas of what makes a knife great, so regardless of what you go with, don’t sell the farm to buy this gift. As usual, it’s the thought that counts.
    (If you really want to give the gift that keeps on giving, and that will serve the kid better in life than anything you could buy them, teach them how to sharpen the damn things themselves . Or, if you don’t know how to do this, try to instill in them the notion that being able to do things for themself is is a valuable thing. If successful, you’ll have made the world a slightly better place.)

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  4. How long can a quality knife set last a person just starting out in life, and how much would something like that cost?
    A good set of knifes should last a lifetime. Same for a good set of silverware.
    This question got me to thinking about the knives and silverware I had when I moved in with my future wife. Most of the knives are in the excess storage drawer but the silverware has disappeared over the last forty years. We still have 3 to 5 each of the butter knives, forks small spoons and large spoons, but the rest have been lost.
    My wife didn’t like my choice of silverware, I wonder if that could be a factor in the disappearance? The ones we still have are in as good or better condition than the rest.
    So I say go ahead and buy good stuff and take care of it, it should last a lifetime. Jim Y

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  6. I bought a quality kitchen knife set manufactured by Prince Devonshire at a Sat. morn garage sale for $20 US. A set of the four most important knives. Forty-seven years ago. I just left my kitchen where I’m preparing a large pot of gumbo and used the Chef’s knife to dice all of my vegetables and polish sausage. I hope that helps you understand. Pay the price now for a tool you may use until the day you reach your final reward for this life.

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