How do you tell a police officer that you have a knife on you or in your car?

How do you tell a police officer that you have a knife on you or in your car?

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  1. Why bring it up? Even if it’s a firearm, why bring it up? Granted, there are a few states that require you to notify an officer you have a firearm so follow the law. If the officer is asking you to get out of your vehicle that may be a good time to say you are armed. “ Just to let you know officer, I’m armed and carring a firearm on my right hip.” Follow their instructions. If the officer asks for ID give them both your DL and your carry permit. Then follow the officers instructions. Knives? Why bring it up unless asked. No crime here.

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  2. If stopped for a possible traffic violation, I have my driver’s license and carry license together already in my hand. I say, “I am required to inform you that I am licensed to carry and am carrying on my right hip. How do you wish to proceed?”
    Note that I do not say, “I’ve got a gun.” If asked about a knives, I would answer truthfully, but otherwise I would not bring it up.
    The response so far has been, “Thank you. Let’s just leave it there.”
    I have been stopped while on dog walks by officers who appear to only want to talk about dogs, so I talk about dogs and don’t mention that I am carrying.

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  3. As a retired cop, I will tell you what we do as officers when we are pulled over. We keep our hands on the steering wheel. When the officer approaches and asks for our license and registration, we leave our hands on the wheel and tell the officer, that we are off duty, retired, or whatever, and that we have a gun. We then ask the officer what he or she wants us to do. They may ask, where our ID is, or where the gun is etc. You can do the same. Cops only get killed by hands. So put the at ease by leaving your hands on the wheel and ask for direction. But an excellent question.

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  4. It depends on the situation.
    If the officer wants to know, then you tell him. Best way to do that, is keep your hands in full view, indicate what weapon you have, and where it is located. Don’t make any sudden moves.
    The key is to not reach for the weapon yourself. Let the officer retrieve the weapon from you.
    However, if you are just pulled over for speeding, and he’s writing you a ticket, there is no need to alert him that you have a knife. Just sign the ticket, and go on your merry (poorer) way.
    Things like routine traffic stops, and similar, there is no need to cause a stir.
    The only exception, is if you are like me and have a conceal and carry license. If you have CCW you must tell the officer.

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  6. First question:
    Do you carry a knife legally or in violation of local statues?
    If the knife is on you, you should keep your hands visible and AWAY from the knife’s location and announce to the officer CLEARLY : 1) That you are carrying a knife and where it is currently located on your person. Most likely, the officer will secure it until he/she is done with you.
    If it is in the vehicle, WITHIN reach, same procedure
    If it is in the vehicle but out or reach ( trunk), no need to inform the officer.

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