How do you sharpen a German steel knife?

How do you sharpen a German steel knife?

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  1. “German” steel is no different than any other steel.
    You should hone it every once in a while (unless it is a convex grind, in which case you should strop it). As for actual re-sharpening, I highly recommend to give it to a professional knife sharpener. Those guys can do magic, and cost a fraction of what a new knife costs when you grind a curve into your edge. I pay about €5/knife, about every other year.

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  2. Well I’ll admit it.for years I relied on the round rod sharpeners that came with the knife.
    Then a few years ago I was listening to NPR interview a chef. He stated the obvious: a knife is a knife. Expensive chef knife or typical pen knife. You need to use a proper honing stone to really get the chef knife razor sharp. BTW, I’ve found that the round rod i mentioned makes a good final edge sharpening device. Its .ore fine than even the fine side of stones that I’ve seen.
    Get the tools. Honing stone slightly course 1 side, fine grit side 2.
    Either use drops of oil or warm water to float the debris away as the stone cuts the metal.
    Hold the knife at the same angle it was originally cut to. Hard but with practice you’ll get it for both sides.
    Finish with the round rod after you’ve soaked the rod in warm water for a minute or 2.
    Test the knife. Grab a piece of loose-leaf paper. See how easy the knife cuts into the edge. Should be easy as a razor blade. [No paper? See if it will shave the hair off the back of your arm like a razor]
    Failed the test? Go back to the course side of the stone. Repeat the process. Watch the angle of the knife. You’ll get there.

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