How do you sharpen a chef’s knife?

How do you sharpen a chef’s knife?

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  1. You need to know the process and have the right equipment to properly sharpen your Chef’s Knife. I have a habit of running my knife across the honing forks every time I pull it out of the block this keeps it sharp but if you have allowed it to become dull and or worn the best advice is to have a professional look at it. The easiest way to ruin your knife forever is to sharpen it wrong.
    You must use smooth even strokes and they must be applied to the correct angles of your knife blade. Screw it up and you will have a nice piece paper weight.

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  2. The chef’s knife is the most important blade in the kitchen, so you want to sharpen it with utmost care.
    A couple of tips:
    When buying the knife, always check its edge angle. This is very important because 1, you want the right edge angle for each kind of tasks in the kitchen— if you tend to do a lot of chopping, a larger angle (20 – 22 degree) is better, whereas a smaller angle is good for slicing tasks. When your knives cut the things they’re designed for, their edges tend to last longer and need less sharpening. 2, you may want to maintain the edge angle when you sharpen it.
    Pick the right sharpening device for your knife. While pull-through sharpeners work sometimes, depending on the compatibility between the knife edge and the device’s sharpening angle, the best tools to sharpen your chef’s knife are stones or abrasive belts.
    Start with the most abrasive sharpening material first. On a pull-through sharpener, this is usually the Coarse/Diamond dust slot. If you’re using a stone, the smaller the grit number, the coarser the stone is. Finish with a fine grit.
    Use the sharpening device AS INSTRUCTED.
    How to sharpen a knife:
    How to pick a good knife sharpener:

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