How do you prevent water damage to a drywall?

How do you prevent water damage to a drywall?

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  1. Drywall is extremely porous and difficult to dry out completely, damaged drywall should be replaced if any signs of moisture are present. One way to protect drywall from moisture intrusion in the event of a flood is to install it slightly above the floor and cover the gap with molding.
    FIRST – You’ll first want to check your drywall for moisture . Either use a non-penetrating moisture meter or remove the baseboards and use a screwdriver to poke holes. If the drywall is soft, it is wet.
    NEXT – You’ll need to check the interior of the wall . Do this by using a penetrating moisture meter or making a larger hole to check for moisture on the studs. Do you see insulation (even if it’s mostly on exterior walls)? It’s critical to check it for moisture content – especially if it is fiberglass or cellulose.

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  2. Easy, don’t get it wet.
    Weather damage, Flood damage, leaky roof, burst pipes, and leaky AC will cause your drywall to get damaged.
    If your drywall gets wet, repair the source of the leak and immediately break out drying fans. Saturation is your enemy, so most drywall will take a good amount of water or prolonged exposure to damage. Mold growth is your biggest enemy.
    Again, dry the water up, immediately.

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