How do I identify a genuine Gurkha Kukri knife?

How do I identify a genuine Gurkha Kukri knife?

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  2. How do I identify a genuine Gurkha Kukri knife?
    Let me get this straight. You register at Quora with the user name, “The Gurkha Khukuri”, and yet you want to know how to, “identify a genuine Gurkha Kukri knife”? I wouldn’t bet 5¢ that you even did a fifteen second search before posting this. Otherwise your lazy ass would have found this following site and and not needed to post such a trollish question. Should I remind you that it isn’t the question that’s trollish— it’s how you post it with a user name which suggests that you know more than jack squat on the topic.

    Hell, even though the kukri in my knife collection is probably a tourist knockoff, it’s just old enough to where it might be handmade. Mine looks like the one below but is from the mid-century and only has a cow horn handle with just glass jewels on the velvet and leather covered wooden scabbard. However, it does retain its two small sharpening knives which are so often lost.

    How do I identify a genuine Gurkha Kukri knife?

    For fun, let’s look at your profile:

    How do I identify a genuine Gurkha Kukri knife?

    You are borderline spam. Which explains your narrow skirting of this site’s spamming policies.

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  3. it must be well tempered, specially the blade part!
    How to know if it’s well tempered?
    Difficult to answer but you can look for signs of beatings on main body that separates it from even more compressed blade side. The marks can be seen clearly if it is handcrafted and unpolished!
    But cold pressed (machines) and polished blades are hard to identify, you either go for reputed companies or must be experienced enough to just look at the piece and tell whether it is a well tempered weapon grade khukhuri or just a showpiece.
    There are other features too like specific design and how it feels in your hand, (balance, reach and depth etc.). For that you need to be a Gurkha soldier! 😂

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  4. What do you mean by Gurkha kukri knife? Are you looking for one that is typically carried by a Gurkha soldier? Or are you just looking for something in the style of kukri?
    I have some of both. You may be disappointed in the soldier’s version. They’re quite a bit smaller than you might imagine and absolutely not ornate. Think of a utility camp knife — what they’re now calling “bushcraft” in U.S. markets. That’s about what you’ll be getting. Only about a 9″ blade.
    I have an old one from back when old Bill Martino was still around. It is a work of art and incredibly tough, made from an old Mercedes truck spring leaf. Much much bigger.

    I’m guessing that this company is still dependable and honest.

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  5. A real one is made in Nepal, usually forged from an old truck leaf spring, fairly basic workmanship but very strong. I ordered mine from Kukhuri House in Kathmandu. They arrived in a box, wrapped in linen and stitched closed.
    In terms of function there’s nothing special about genuine ones, though. A western reproduction, or one of the modern “re-interpretations,” will almost certainly have better steel. Mine just have so much steel in them that it doesn’t really matter.

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