How did Dexter fake his death and end up in Oregon?

How did Dexter fake his death and end up in Oregon?

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  1. As a huge fan of the books before the tv series, I’ve dissected this character for many years as he is utterly fascinating to me.
    If you remember the ending clearly, you’ll see Dexter knew exactly what he was doing there; he put his boat in the path of the hurricane, which would then allow him to escape in this way. It is mentioned in an earlier episode that he does have an emergency life raft aboard that boat and you can look back and see he had a plan, he just didn’t know what it was. Dexter’s survival instincts are too deep to allow him to end his own life, after all, he survived the unthinkable many times.
    For the first time you saw Dexter with feelings. It’s also the first time you ever see Dexter cry. Dexter killing himself would not have been believable to fans. It’s a worse sentence in a way to have to live with what he’s done and killing himself might have seemed too easy a way out. Is it possible that that thought crossed his mind? Absolutely. It’s so much darker and more horrible for him to have to live with what he’s done. He’s absolutely punishing himself at the end by having to deal with what he’s done.
    His decision is to remove himself from the thing he’s always wanted the most — which is to be connected to humanity — and to live in this self-imposed prison in the land of the serial killers: the Pacific Northwest. He also couldn’t allow her to live under those circumstances (Deb). There’s no hope of recovery for her and he knows she wouldn’t want to go on this way. Dexter has killed so many people so easily throughout his whole life — and it’s the easiest thing in the world for him — but to have to end his sister’s life is the most difficult thing he has ever had to do.
    As to why he ended up as a lumber jack? I think he remained where he washed up ashore after the escape on the life boat. It’s the Pacific Northwest which is very wooded area, secluded and therefore I imagine he did what he was always used to doing. Putting on a costume, as it were, and claiming a new identity. This time as a lumberjack, perhaps because he’d be mostly working alone and not have to feed his Dark Passenger? That I never could quite pinpoint.
    I miss the series – both in print and the show.

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  2. It’s tv you don’t think about that stuff. But I will answer in what I think happened. Somehow he jumped off the boat and then probably got picked up by some people in a different boat. That would make the most sense. Except it might be hard to survive a hurricane in the ocean without a boat.. Hey but at least he survived. He probably chose that because it was an isolated area where he is less likely to be found by anyone from Miami. Getting the new identity was easy he probably just talked to the guy that he got Hannah’s new identity from. I might be wrong but that’s how I think it all happened.

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  3. Anything could have happened to him after Hurricane Laura.
    In my own interpretation, let’s imagine this happened. It was a miracle that he survived the hurricane in the middle of the ocean. He jumped off the boat and was stranded ashore somewhere. I assume the place would be a secluded one and the people did not know that authority were searching for him. Then, he joined people on boat to get to anywhere they went. I assume he would not make a one straight trip to Oregon. He might make a few stops so that if anything happened, it would not be easy for the authority to track his movement. I don’t think he would flew to Oregon because that would be the easiest way for the authority to find him. Also, if he drove to Oregon, it would take him more than 46 hours and many things could have happen during the long journey.
    When he arrived at Oregon, here is the tricky part (I guess). Knowing this clever Dexter planned first before doing anything, he might have prepared the necessary documents for the new identity and mailed it to Oregon beforehand (This is too far-fetched, I know.). When he arrived on land, he used the documents and worked as a lumberjack in a seemingly remote area. Even if there was a small population around his work area, I assume he would not mingle much with them and would always kept everything to himself. That had been his way of life before anyway.
    Why lumberjack? I assume it’s because there isn’t much connection between a blood spatter analyst and a lumberjack. If anybody was searching for him, he/she wouldn’t expect him to work as something completely unrelated to his previous career. Besides, in general, people don’t care much about a lumberjack. I’m sure he’d like things to stay that way throughout his life.

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