How deadly is the commando knife?

How deadly is the commando knife?

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  1. My preference for knives is the K-Bar. Some versions (Mostly retail knock offs) come with a Swedge or False Edge on the Clip Point. Military Specifications come with the edge sharpened, with a mild, or dull edge.
    In the USMC in 1985 I was given one by the NCO’s in my command when I was promoted to CPL. It is a Camillus brand because they were the first Marine Corps Issue. I iost the knife somewhere over the years.
    I bought a Case brand since and it works fine. Both came with a mild edge about 45°. I sharpened them to about 41–42° because I was told by a blade smith it was a good angle for the hardness of that blade. K-Bars are made from very hard steel or so I was told. I know it was much harder to sharpen than my butcher knives.
    I have had a lot of training with a K-Bar using it to stab slash and chop pig carcasses. I don’t know if Doug Marcaida ever said it, but “it will KEAL. I would probably stand an above average chance of survival in a fight, but I wouldn’t want to find out.

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  2. The same knife in the hands of someone timid and untrained is far less deadly than the same knife in the hands of someone trained and unafraid. A small, two inch blade in the hands of a surgeon who knows where the easiest to reach arteries are, is just as deadly as a six-inch, two-sided blade.
    It is always a question of the knife wielder, not the knife itself.
    Now, if you are talking about a single, trained user, then would one knife, such as a Fairbairn-Sykes commando stilleto, be more deadly than another? Certainly. Which one? Well, then, you have to get into what sort of situation are we walking about, what circumstances, what sort of opponent… Variables may dictate one knife’s preference over another at a given time. Sort of comes back to the user again.

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