How can vinegar both cause rust and remove rust?

How can vinegar both cause rust and remove rust?

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  1. The rusting process—that is, the reaction of iron with oxygen to form iron oxides—is catalyzed by acidic conditions, and vinegar is an acid. Thus while vinegar does not “cause” rusting, it makes it go faster.
    Acetic acid—the acid in vinegar—complexes the ionic iron that makes up rust, helping to loosen it for removal. Some products of this reaction [iron(II) acetate] are water soluble while others [iron(III) acetate] are not, but the process makes both easier to remove.
    There are better choices than vinegar for rust removal, however. Oxalic acid forms a soluble complex with iron ions and is available in a number of commercial products. It is, however, toxic. Citric acid (the stuff in lemon juice) and phosphoric acid are other choices.

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  2. Acetic acid contained in white vinegar will break down rust by stripping the electrons from ferrous oxide (rust) causing it to detach from the metal.
    Vinegar reacts differently to different metals. For example, it removes the protective oxide coating from aluminum before it begins to corrode the metal itself. Therefore, you can damage aluminum if you leave it on the surface for long periods, so it’s not recommended in food applications. Vinegar will break down the coating protecting cast iron or steel and will cause the bare metal to eventually rust, because of a lack of protective barrier. Wiping a thin film of oil on the metal after it dries using an oil soaked rag will protect the bare metal from rusting. Check any metal in a vinegar solution regularly to assess its condition when cleaning rust off of items.

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  3. Vinegar speeds up rusting because it contains a dilute form of acetic acidic, the positive hydrogen ions in the acid removes electrons from iron, ionizing it and making it susciptible to moist. The acid increase the electrical activity between iron and oxygen.
    You just have to soak any made of metal to a solution of vinegar , let it stay for sometimes then brush it out. It will be remove not soon but it will.

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