How can uranium be welded and machined?

How can uranium be welded and machined?

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  2. To weld uranium, the pieces of uranium must first be freed from scale. After that the uranium piece is dipped in nitric acid as final cleaning before welding. To weld the uranium, Argon Arc welding is used. Direct current with the electrode negative is normal welding practice for uranium. Since molten uranium is very fluid, adequate support is required and weldments are backed up by chill plates.
    The machining of uranium involves the problem of work hardening of uranium during cutting. To avoid this problem, deep rapid cuts with very sharp hard tools are used to minimize work hardening. Carbide tipped tools are used for uranium machining operations. Proper lubricants must be used during machining , to prevent burning. Also advantage is taken of less rapid hardening and lower strengths of uranium at temperatures in the range 150-200 degree centigrade. The chips, as they separate from the metal, must be completely covered in coolant, to prevent combustion.

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