Has anyone used Schwarzegger und Sohne (S&S Bavaria) knives of any sort?

Has anyone used Schwarzegger und Sohne (S&S Bavaria) knives of any sort?

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  1. Well, I certainly haven’t.
    Never seen one, or even heard of the brand before this either.
    Assuming that what you’re actually interested in is an assessment of their quality, here’s what I can offer from a quick online recherche:
    Couldn’t find a knife maker or even major reseller of Kitchen / Gastro equipment of that name registered in Germany, let alone Bavaria.
    The only mentions online appear to be on shady-ish sites peddling cheap junk, plus the occasional Ebay listing.
    Going by the pictures I found, they appear to be the type of really cheaply made kitchen knives you’d find in dollar stores and the like. I’ve seen this exact type of knife (down to the shape of the printed markings on the blade, just with another made-up brand name) in actual dollar stores, and for a 2€ bread knife or something, they’re OK value.
    For the kind of price you’d pay for an actual brand-name budget kitchen knife, like Victorinox? No. Not by a long shot.
    The name is apparently made up, and slapped onto very low quality knives and utensils from Chinese (presumably) mass production to raise perceived value.
    I actually have a carving fork exactly like that included in some of the sets I could find online. It was branded with another fantasy name like Schneidmaster Solingen or something, was sold on Ebay, and cost me 3€, shipping included.
    Quite adequate for what I ask of a carving fork for home use (nothing in particular, to be honest. It’s just nice to have for some tasks once or twice a year…), but definitely not worth any more money, and definitely not for anything beyond extremely light duty use.
    The blades are obviously stamped and roughly ground to shape, the handles appear to be made from bottom-tier materials, and shoddily affixed to the blades. No distinguishable sharpened / honed edge, awkward blade and handle geometries…
    In a word: Cheap junk. If you can get a Chef’s-, paring- and bread-knife plus steel set for something like 10–20€/£/$ or so, they’d be sort-of alright for keeping in a weekend home, RV or something for occasional light use. After sharpening them up a bit, that is.
    As daily driver kitchen knives? Not if it can be helped at all.
    For prices that approach actual, useful knives’? Definitely not.
    For 125$ or thereabouts per three piece carving set? No way. You can get a basic but quite workable set like that from Victorinox, Wüsthof or the likes for about that price.

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