Does REI or Walmart sell a better outdoor gear?

Does REI or Walmart sell a better outdoor gear?

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  2. “ Does REI or Walmart sell a better outdoor gear?
    Interesting question. I like REI for some things. I like Walmart for some things. REI has some nice, high-end gear. Walmart is perhaps best known for selling cheap goods.
    For example, I recently bought a couple “Luci” brand solar powered camp lights from REI. I also recently bought a 4-pack of 1-pound Coleman propane cylinders from Walmart for $11.97. Cheapest price I could find for the propane cylinders was from Walmart.
    Depending upon what I was seeking I might go to either store.

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  3. When shopping for outdoor gear, we all need to use our brains. REI has some awesome gear. But do you know what? Not all my gear needs to meet that standard. I´m not talking about tents, sleeping bags, or backpacks. l´m definitely not talking about hiking boots. Let me give you one example: Cookware.
    Go to REI and scan the wide assortment. There are sets priced as low as $15 and as high as well over $300.
    Walmart has the Ozark Trail 10 piece cook and dine set for $14.88.

    Does REI or Walmart sell a better outdoor gear?

    REI has the Stanley 3 Piece Cookware for $14.97

    Does REI or Walmart sell a better outdoor gear?

    Number of pieces:
    * Ozark Trail-10 piece se(4 bowls, 2 lids, 2 foons, pot, bag)
    * REI/Stanley-3 piece set(Pot, 2 cups)

    * Ozark Trail-Total 10 piece set-25 oz.
    * REI/Stanley-Total 3 piece set-13.8 oz.

    My point …

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  4. REI has nice stuff but you pay a premium for it. So for most camping items check at Walmart or Academy Sports first. Coleman or Ozark Trail products are tried and tested and been around for years, and most things last fine given you don’t use most camping stuff more than a few times a year. We still use our coleman sleeping bags we got in the mid 1980s. Still look and work great, and same with our camp stove and lantern we bought in ‘84. Dollar Tree is a great place to get a lot of handy items for camping and cheaper of course. There are YouTube videos on products to make camping easier you can get from Dollar Tree.

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