Do you trust U.S. Secretary of Defense James Mattis, who seems to have been given full command of the military?

Do you trust U.S. Secretary of Defense James Mattis, who seems to have been given full command of the military?

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  1. Mattis is probably the best appointment Trump has made. He’s incredibly well-respected; everyone I pay attention to who knows about the military was very happy to hear his name. He was confirmed by the Senate on a 98–1 vote, meaning that almost all of the Democrats voted for him. And he’s beloved by the troops— the (unfortunately collapsed) answer by a Marine calls him “St. Mattis of Quantico”, and he’s not the only one who feels that way.

    Do you trust U.S. Secretary of Defense James Mattis, who seems to have been given full command of the military?

    Frankly, the more control Mattis has, the less control Trump has, and that’s probably for the better. He’s a grown-up in the room.

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  2. You can trust Secretary Mattis as much as you can trust Donald Trump.
    When Jim Mattis was appointed earlier this year, there were a lot of voices, especially from former Marines, who stated that this man would have an appeasing influence on Trump. They said that Jim Mattis is a man who would have the guts to disagree with Trump and that he would bang his fist on the table if he had to.
    However, after being more than four months in his office, there is nothing to be seen from his supposed forcefulness.
    Some of Trump’s recent policy decisions are endangering the security of the United States and it seems that Jim Mattis hasn’t objected to any of them, and, even worse, the president himself has started to meddle in the Secretary of Defense’s affairs:
    The disastrous Special Forces raid in Yemen that resulted in a high number of civilian casualties and the cruise missile attack on a Syrian airfield, which was a symbolic act with little to no military impact, were the president’s decisions.
    But it is the great amount of misinformation coming out of the White House trying to sell both actions as “huge” successes, that should have made the face of every honest military person blush.
    Worse, the US government threw every old and proven foreign policy strategy overboard when Trump assumed power, but hasn’t replaced them with new ones. There is no strategy on how to combat ISIS and there is also no clear policy on Syria. Nothing has been decided regarding the US engagements in Afghanistan and Iraq. The White House position on Israel is unclear and so is what they are going to do with North Korea, Ukraine, and many other trouble spots in the world.
    One might object that this is a job for the Secretary of State and not for Jim Mattis, but a failed foreign policy will unavoidably lead to more US military engagements in the future and therefore, Jim Mattis should be concerned and alarmed.
    If there are still people who believe in the former General’s persistence, Trump’s withdrawal from the Paris climate deal should make them think again:
    US military planners are starting their war games since several years with introduction phrases like “after a severe drought, caused by climatic changes, the citizens of country X started to demand from their neighboring country Y access to the waters of the Z river and after rising tensions, a state of war was declared between the two countries….”
    Where was Jim Mattis when Trump, after a long “deliberation” phase, decided to pull out of the Paris agreement? Trumps last step is against the convictions and beliefs of the whole US military leadership, but what has the Secretary of Defense been doing?
    Mr. Mattis gave many testimonies in the past, and this includes congressional hearings, that he is fully aware of the serious impact that climate change has on the national security of the United States. However, after Trump pulled out of the Paris deal, Jim Mattis stayed shamefully silent. With all the leaks in the White house, even if Mr. Mattis would have just raised an eyebrow as a sign of disagreement, it would have been all over Twitter.
    Together with the National Security Adviser, General McMaster, Jim Mattis has thrown all of his earlier principles overboard.
    Jim Mattis, the former Marine, has once believed in the motto “semper fidelis”, which, in his case, doesn’t mean anymore to be “always faithful” to the principles of military honor, doing what is right and standing up for the truth.
    On the contrary: Now, Jim Mattis, the Secretary of Defense, has decided to “always faithfully” follow Donald Trump on the path to ruin.

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  3. Yes I do.
    Hes gained my trust in a variety of ways.
    First and foremost my Marine buddy will not shut up about how great he is.
    He loves the guy and would go to war for him in a heartbeat.
    Aparently he was never afraid to get his hands dirty. He never expected anyone to do anything he wouldn’t.
    He was in the field, on the front lines with our boys and girls.
    That in itself is the very definition of a leader.
    He is well respected by various Americans due to his intellect and compassion.
    He is known to have mandatory readings for the mari…

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  4. General James “Mad Dog” Mattis is a retired Marine Corps General who is well respected in all military circles. He carries along with him a larger than life reputation built over three decades of his service with the Marines and various combat deployments. He is a war tested General and the kind of reputation and respect he holds within the Marine Corps/US Military community, he is best suited for the job!
    Yes, there’s the whole “Mad Dog” thing and all of his comments to Marines, standing on post for a married marine on Christmas, staying in a fox hole at night; he’s well regarded and respected and viewed as a fighting General by his Marines who generally viewed him with a “go kill ’em all” kind of attitude which young troops can find encouraging as they look going in to combat. What I think the public tends to miss about Mattis is his second nickname “The Warrior Monk.” This is a guy who is very thoughtful, well-read, reasoned, smart, and a student. Those are critical elements for a senior leader, especially one engaging in combat with an unpredictable enemy. His superior intellect and analytical abilities have been praised by all who know him or have served with/under him.
    Mattis has also held various high level operational commands prior to his retirement, including the most important and covoted US Central Command, which overlooks the US military activities in Middle East, Central Asia and Northern Africa. This gave him a vast on ground experience of diplomacy and dealing with conflicts at a place where most of the current military conflicts of the world are. So in my opinion, it’s was a wise decision by the Trump administration to appoint Gen James Mattis as US Secretary Defence.

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  5. Yes I do he is our McArthur,and a very respectable military leader,and great strategist, he’s the perfect general to clean up what these past mamby pamby supposed leaders have created.not that I have a problem with the military today,but our guys need to win, have to win they don’t believe everyone gets a trophy let’s go home,hell no mattis wants winners not we’re all participants.were trained to win not borderline our potentials. I think the world of mattis he’s a self made American man.

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  6. The defense secretary does have full command of the military, answerable only to the President. This is not something that is new or unprecedented. Mattis is an experienced, well respected commander who has a history of intelligence and judgement. Putting him in charge of the military is a rare instance of the government putting a round peg into the proper round hole.

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  7. Mattis may be the only member of this administration’s cabinet that I can trust with running our country. In fact, I would rather have him be president/commander-in-chief over the tweeting imbecile we currently have. He strikes me as an intelligent, capable officer who knows the challenges that lie ahead for his line of work and he seems well-read as well (I heard he has a copy of Marcus Aurelius’ “Meditations” that he carries with him).

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  9. Mad Dog, designated as de facto CiC by Mad Man Trump? It is better and safer, but he could be overruled by Trump, and he seems to buckle and appease.
    Know that the greatest threat to the well being of the US of A, its people and as a country, is Donald J. Trump and his family, not any other external force, neither ISIS or Russia, or China. The enemy within is more dangerous than the enemy without, especially when such is ensconced in the highest office of the land.

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  10. I’m reasonably confident that Mattis will follow the law. He may be a hard ass but I think he’s honest. That covers trust.
    But I don’t think trust is as important as accountability. He serves in an administration that obscures it’s workings and obfuscates it’s intentions. If there’s a mistake, he could get caught in the cover up

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  11. Absolutely. He is the best choice President made with his cabinet. Mattis was a brilliant Grneral, who cares about his troops. He is also an astute student of history. He understands his department and the responsibilities that come with it. Any decisions he makes will be from someone who has been under fire himself and realizes the consequences of his actions. I wish all of the cabinet choices were as qualified as Secretary Mattis.

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