Carbon Steel Knives Pros and Cons


– Carbon steel is flexible and will not break easily.

– The blade can be sharpened to a very fine degree.

– Carbon steel knives hold their edge well and require less maintenance than stainless steel.


– Exposure to moisture and humidity can cause the blade to rust (this process is accelerated by high heat and salt).

– The knife will discolor after being used to cut fruits or other acidic food.

– Carbon steel knives are not dishwasher safe.

You may have heard about carbon steel knives and you probably know even more people who swear by them. Carbon steel has a long tradition in knife making, however today they are considered to be less popular than stainless steel knives. Why is that?


Carbon steel is considered to be the best metal for the blade’s edge. Carbon blades hold their edge far longer than stainless ones. They are also easier to sharpen, but they require more maintenance in order to prevent rusting and pitting. As a general rule, if you leave your carbon steel knife untreated, you will require sharpening and polishing after each use.

Look and Feel

Carbon steel knives offer a great look due to their distinctive patterns on the blade. This comes from the manufacturing process, which is also responsible for the sturdiness of these blades. Carbon blades won’t bend or break under pressure, but they can rust.


Carbon steel blades are very easy to care for, but they require consistent attention in order to prevent rusting. These knives are dishwasher safe, however not recommended due to the possible corrosion.

To clean carbon blades you can simply use hot water and dishwashing soap. After cleaning you have to dry off immediately.

The only drawback of carbon steel knives is the fact that they can rust if not cared for properly. They also react to highly acidic foods (like tomatoes), which turns the food brown.

Carbon blades do not require high maintenance, however proper care should be taken in order to prevent damage to your knife’s blade and handle. If you are looking for a knife that requires minimum care, stainless steel knives are recommended for you.

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