Can You Freeze Sour Cream Successfully?

Can You Freeze Sour Cream Successfully?

Answer: Yes, but sour cream is typically used in recipes that call for it to be freshly made.

Sour cream can last several months when properly frozen. You should keep in mind that the quality of the product may decrease over time depending on how quickly you use your supply.

There are many times when people want to use sour cream and need it to be ready quickly so they can prepare their dish ahead of time or for a dinner party without having access to store-bought products. Really all there is to making your own sour cream at home straight from scratch is simply adding heavy whipping cream, garlic cloves, dried dill weed, salt and pepper together in a food processor until you feel like it’s turned into an even consistency.

Tips for Freezing and Thawing Sour Cream

Frozen sour cream will last at least three months, if not longer. Freezing it reduces the chance of spoilage by slowing down bacteria growth. However, freezing changes the texture of sour cream and can even cause some separation when thawed.

To freeze, pour or spoon sour cream into freezer-safe containers (plastic bags, freezer-safe plastic containers). Leave about 1/2″ of space at the top to allow for expansion. You can add a little dry milk powder if you want to avoid separation when thawed, but it’s not necessary. Label and freeze.

To thaw, let refrigerated sour cream sit at room temperature until completely thawed. You can also thaw in the microwave. Stir or shake to blend any separated liquid before using.

Potential health benefits of sour cream

Sour cream is high in saturated fat, so it should be eaten sparingly. However, sour cream also contains beneficial bacteria that promote healthy digestion and immune function. It’s also a good source of vitamins A, E and K as well as calcium, phosphorus and selenium.

If you’re lactose intolerant, try artisanal sour cream made from goat’s milk. It contains less lactose than regular sour cream and tastes just as good. Also, the beneficial bacteria present in goat’s milk are similar to those found naturally in human breast milk that help promote healthy digestion.

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