Can we take knives in aircraft luggage?

Can we take knives in aircraft luggage?

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  2. The rules that govern Aviation Security are issued on the basis of ICAO regulations on security. But there may be certain changes which are country related. For example, certain countries allow a passenger to carry a cigarette lighter alongwith the cabin baggage but some or most countries do not allow. Same case with regard to match box. In certain airports like Dubai or Singapore, the cabin baggage tags are not sealed by the security agencies after clearance. But in Indian airport it is a must and in case a passenger takes a bag without security seal on the cabin baggage tag, he willbe returned from the boarding point to the point of security entrance to get the tag sealed.
    So if you are undertaking an international journey that too through different countries, it is advisable not to carry a knife even in the checked in baggage as certain countries do not allow it even in such bags. Checked in baggage for Indian domestic travel can contain a knife but not in cabin bagage in any case.
    So, I suggest you better check with your airline before you pack sharp edged items in your bag.

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  3. Knives are allowed in the checked baggage, not in the carry on. Make sure if you carry such things you pack the properly and place them inside the checked baggage. Having a knife in a hand carry may lead to further (strip) search.
    Check the regulations at your destination, in order to avoid being detained for possession of a dangerous object. For example, as far as I know, it is forbidden to carry knives, daggers, swords (including display case type) when passing through Singapore check points.

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