Can I walk into a bar with a balisong knife in my pocket? Will I get thrown in jail if the knife is found?

Can I walk into a bar with a balisong knife in my pocket? Will I get thrown in jail if the knife is found?

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  1. Can I walk into a bar with a balisong knife in my pocket? Will I get thrown in jail if the knife is found?

    Another name for this is a Butterfly Knife
    United States. It is against the law to possess or carry a Butterfly knife (in the public) in various states of United States. They are classified as “dagger,” “switchblade,” or “gravity knife”, in the following jurisdictions: … Utah: Balisongs or Butterfly knives are legal as long as they aren’t covered or concealed.
    Why Are Butterfly Knives Illegal And Where?
    If you are in Hawaii for sure 3–5 years. Penalties vary by jurisdiction.

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  2. In Nevada-
    Nevada law allows people to carry knives in public, but with four main exceptions. First, a permit is required for concealed carry of certain knives . Second, Clark County requires the sheriff’s permission to conceal carry a knife with a three-inch or longer blade. Third, having knives is prohibited at schools or child care facilities. Fourth, it is illegal to brandish knives in front of two or more people.
    Plus a lot of casinos don’t allow any kind of weapon on their property. That is clearly what this is.

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  3. I know bars in parts of the world where you’d better be packing.
    Local ordinances vary wildly and in a lot of places the ordinances don’t matter a damn anyways and it just depends on the bar.
    In the eighties in Joburg there was a bar at the end of my street that made you leave your weoons in a locker in the hallway. They had an airport style metal scanner.
    My buddy carried so much ordnance it was like a mad Max scene when we went for a drink.

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  4. In Australia you may not go into a public place carrying a knife without a lawful excuse. A lawful excuse does not include self defense. Lawful excuses are – work, sport, recreation, weapons collection, display or exhibition. Of course nobody knows you have a folded pocket knife until you produce it or set off an alarm while passing through a metal detector. The police can search you without a warrant in a “designated area” where the risk of crime is very high. And they can search you anywhere if they suspect you are carrying a weapon. The reason for the strict rules is a clampdown on past knife crime.
    I don’t know what the penalty is if you are caught out – almost certainly a fine.

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  5. When was the last time someone who was not a known gang member, parolee, or other criminal charged for an illegal knife?
    A cop on patrol spots some homeowner opening an Amazon box with a switchblade on his porch. Will the cop immediately arrest the guy and haul him off? No. Every cop I asked about knife laws just laughs and says he doesn’t care. He might add on a knife charge to some known low-life as plea bargain bait, but ignore the average Joe. Knife laws must be among the most unenforced in the country.

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  6. They say: don’t bring a knife to a gun fight:/ people in bars have guns, why? Bars for people who don’t want to kill their family, bars is there to help ease stress. Ever wonder why a bar is dark? People meet their their lover there. Drugs are being exchanged, someone getting head, bars is not designed to be a disco.. people have problems and they design for men… bring your knife and start problems and 4 38s or 2 9 mm in your face and you with a knife

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  7. Welcome to Texas…
    You may bring your knife but not your firearms.
    A “Balisong” knife is no more regulated than a “Hello Kitty” knife.
    “Texas allows adults and juveniles under 18 to carry knives with blades shorter than 5.5 inches anywhere in the state. Adults may carry knives longer than 5.5 inches in most places aside from restricted locations like courthouses, government buildings, and schools.”
    The Laws in your state or city may vary considerably, so always check your local laws….

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