Can I carry a hunting knife with a 12 inch blade on me or in my car?

Can I carry a hunting knife with a 12 inch blade on me or in my car?

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  1. Hello. Yes I am sure you could carry on your person or in your car, such a knife, particularly if you were on your way to or coming from hunting. No issues. In NYS if you were dressed to go out to a night club and you brought your large blade into a night club and then got into a scuffle and police responded and discovered it, you may be okay , if you never came near using it and you may not be okay either. If you used it unlawfully, you would definitely be in a bad spot. Carrying “dangerous” knives is a grey area, but if you’re not using them for their intended purpose (example: hunting or fishing or scubadivng, contractor work, etc.), you can get into trouble. If police are able to make the case that the knife was made, adapted or designed for use primarilly as a weapon and you are not using it for a lawful purpose but unlawfully as a weapon without the defense of justification (NYS Penal law article 35- self defense)’ you could be in some trouble. If you are possessing it for the purpose of being a weapon, did not in any other way use it unlawfully, you may be able to lay a U.S. Constitution/Bill of rights 2nd amendment protection. These arguments are becoming more common lately. basically a knife could be construed as an arm and is thereby protected under the 2nd amendment. Hope this helps.

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  2. Depends on your state and local laws. Rule of thumb is 2.5-in. In NYC, I heard out-of-town person was arrested for open carry of a knife & sheath (in plain sight) on his belt;my understanding was that it would have been legal if he had just covered it with his shirt.
    Knife laws wildly differs from one state to another and you must consult an attorney familiar with YOUR state. Police are not really any help because most of them are not familiar with laws dealing with knives as opposed to bigger issues like firearms, illegal drugs, drinking, etc.
    I carry one of the larger swiss army knife like the “Ranger/Paratrooper” which has a locking blade, screwdriver, can & bottle opener, etc. I’ve never need it for protection but I was so glad that I had it with me when I took the wrong subway train and had to walk through Harlem at 10pm to a friend’s apt.
    In NJ, if I remember correctly from the last time read the actual statutes, I can carry a knife of any length. I just cannot sell a knife over a certain length to a minor. However, most laws have an undefined item called “dangerous/deadly weapon” or some variation of that. So if you attack someone with a hammer – a regular carpentry tool becomes an “assault with a deadly weapon”.
    The advice I’ve heard is that you carry something that has more that one use. I have a big craftsman screwdriver 12 in long (not counting the handle) & ~ 1/2″ thick. I actually use it only to pop off my hub cabs when I get a flat tire (which happens only when it is raining or 30 degrees outside) it is in the driverside door pocket along with my d-cell maglite. I never had to use either one except for its intended purpose but they can be used for self-defense in a pinch.
    Remember — anything can be used as a weapon if you give it some thought. My ex kept an heavy-duty pair of kitchen scissors (good for cutting chicken bones and those almost impossible to cut plastic packagings) in the glove compartment because we were alway running late going to a party (I’d drive & she’d be wrapping the presents in the backseat). I also keep a set of regular metal dinnerware in my car (plastic sporks not allowed) for the few times when I have to eat in the car. I am really clumsy (dropped & broke two cellphone screens in 2 months) so I had to pick the heaviest and thick set that I could find in bath bed & beyond. Do I intend to use it on people? No. But now I have a couple options in case of trouble.
    Remember, I’m Jon Snow and I know nothing. I am still learning and these are only my semi-educated rambling which may not even be based on actual reality. So you milage WILL definitely vary. Just take everything I written with a large grain of salt.
    Use your own judgment and then ask yourself if anything I wrote made PRACTICAL sense to you; ask your friends if I am BS or not. I won’t be offended because I just want you to be safe. If you think I am off-base then let me know; the only I can get better is if someone tell me (nicely) why it was wrong or impractical and what do I need to improve on.
    If some the things that I said made logical sense to you – which ones are the easiest for you to do or implement based on your own mental and physical skill set; what may be easy for you might not be easy for me. Unfortunately, I cannot provide any better advice than that without actually knowing what you are capable of — mentally & physically.

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  3. A 12 inch blade is nearly a short sword. Thats enormous. My large bush knife has a 5 inch blade and Ive had folks stare at my “huge knife”. It is indeed pretty big, its a Kabar Campanion.
    The problem you’ll run into is location matters, in a very big way.
    Take my state for example. You could wear a Crocodile Dundee knife around your house or a small town or hunting and no one will say a thing, besides a few eye brow raises. Go to a city however and you’ll get stares, some hostile glares, and perhaps a brief chat with the police.
    Other states it will be flatly illegal to carry. You didnt say where. 12 inch? I would suggest you keep it at home. Just my advice.

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  4. Are you asking about one 12 inch blade, or a 1.5 inch blade? The answer, either way, is that it depends on which country or state you live in. In the United States, there are no federal laws about carrying knives that I’m aware of. But in the UK or other countries, I’m not entirely sure.
    If you’re a law-abiding citizen, then I highly recommend calling your local police station (NOT 911 – you should call their business number or you might get in trouble). They’ll know what is and isn’t legal in your area and might even be able to give you advice on alternatives you can carry that are allowed.

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  5. This needs to be clarified. Are you saying that the knife is 1 and a half inches? Is it 1’ 1/2”? It’s really tough to answer this question when I don’t know what you’re referring to.
    I will say that I can’t give you a definitive answer as knife laws very from state to state and even county to county. You would need to know the laws in your state and county for the answer as to what’s prohibited and what isn’t.

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