Can a felon carry a pocket knife?

Can a felon carry a pocket knife?

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  1. For the answer to this question, you should refer to your State of Residence Laws and Statutes. Some States have strictly interpreted ideas of “what is a knife?” In my State, Colorado, felons are prohibited from owning and carrying any weapon. However, Colorado’s definition of a knife as a weapon states any blade 3 1/2 inches or longer. Blades less than 3 1/2 inches are not classed as weapons. Also, any blade used for fishing or hunting is legal as long as it is used only for fishing and hunting.
    So Sir, my answer is you need to check the Laws and Statutes in the State you live in.

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  2. Not while he or she is still in prison, no, not legally.
    After release, the felon must abide by his conditions of parole, unless he did his whole bit. Further, he must obey the law, including any laws that relate specifically to convicted felons and pocketknives. You have to check with the laws of the particular state, in the US. I don’t know why so many people post questions like this without specifying the state and/or city, because the laws are different everywhere, and specific answers aren’t really practical for all 50 states, the territories, and those cities with stricter local laws. Waste of time. Generally, felons are prohibited from carrying weapons until their rights to do so are restored, if ever. A pocketknife is, to any reasonable person, a tool and not a weapon. The law does not always agree, or considers pocketknives that meet certain conditions or specifications to be weapons, or require bad action…

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  3. Yes they can. Are they legally allowed to? That varies depending on what state the felon lives in. There are restrictions on blade length and how the blade opens, not that the felon really cares about the law but, for citizens that do care, there are rules that need to be followed. The rules may be arbitrary and irritating but, the rules are not about safety, they are about control. I recommend Knife Rights for more information. They are kind of like the NRA but, only for knives.

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