Best Ideas for Microwave Oven installation in Your Kitchen

Microwave Oven installation in Your Kitchen

The microwave oven has been around for a long time and has evolved over the years. Along with that, the way people install their microwaves in their kitchens has changed too.

This article will discuss some of the best ideas when it comes to installing your new appliance so you can maximize space while also saving money on energy costs compared to traditional stand-alone ovens.

1. Tips when installing a microwave in your kitchen:

Microwave Oven installation in Your Kitchen

-Do not install it near an outlet, stove top or other appliance. Microwaves can interfere with these devices and cause damage.

-Find the studs on the wall before drilling holes for mounting brackets or installing screws so you don’t accidentally drill into electrical wires. This will protect against electrical shock and fires.

-Choose where to put it according to how much space there is available around yours walls, cabinets and countertop areas that need to remain clear for cooking purposes. Consider also how easy it is to open and close the microwave door when determining where to place it.

-A countertop microwave must also be secured so that it doesn’t tip over or fall if bumped or pushed. This will protect you and your family from injury and damage to the appliance itself. A sturdy, three-legged model with a flat top works best in this case.

-It may be necessary to reinforce shelves in cabinets below ovens before installing microwaves on them. You should never put heavy items directly above or immediately under a microwave.

2. 11 Best Ideas for Microwave Oven installation in Your Kitchen:

Microwave Oven installation in Your Kitchen

1. Suspend it from the ceiling or wall mount it with a recessed cabinet

This is one of the best ideas for installing your microwave oven in your kitchen as it permits you to move the microwave around and even take it down when not in use! If you have high ceilings, then this is an excellent option that can be used by anyone.

2. Hang under cabinet installation

In case there isn’t enough space on top of the cabinets, another great idea for installing your new appliance is to hang it underneath instead of placing on top of them. It’s space-saving and easy to do if have have access from above. It also gives you access to clean underneath too.

3. Microwave Drawer

A good idea for a kitchen that doesn’t have much counter space is to install a microwave drawer instead of a traditional stand-alone one. This will save you precious counter room and can be easily slid out from under the cabinet when needed. It also permits the installation of other appliances on top if there isn’t much space around your kitchen sink or stove areas.

4. In-cabinet Mounted microwaves with Built in Ventilation

This is a very helpful option which turns your microwave oven into something more like an appliance built right into your cabinets rather than sitting on top of them! The result looks great and frees up a lot of space for other things in your kitchen.

5. Recessed Microwaves

This is another great idea for installing your microwave oven in your kitchen as it frees up counter space and gives the appliance a much more built-in look. This type of installation can also help maximize cabinet space by allowing you to place things on top of the oven when not in use without sacrificing efficiency.

6. Stacked Ovens with Built-in Ventilation

Stacking microwaves is another great option that can be used by anyone who has limited counter space or wants to save money on energy costs compared to traditional stand-alone ovens. It’s also really easy to install too! Just ensure that all appliances are vented to overheating or fires caused by excess heat could break out.

7. Match Your Appliances to the Decor of the Kitchen

If you want your microwave installation to blend right in with your kitchen decor, then this is a great idea for you! It’s also simple, inexpensive and gives your kitchen appliances an integrated look that makes them seem like they were built right into the cabinets or walls along with other custom features. You can even match these appliances to other things in your kitchen too which makes it all blend together seamlessly.

8. Choose cabinets with microwave storage

If you’re someone who wants your kitchen to look beautiful and sleek, but don’t want to lose any of the functionality of a traditional kitchen, then this is another excellent idea that’s both simple and affordable. It’s also really versatile too as it permits you to install microwaves almost anywhere. All you need is a cabinet with enough room inside for your new appliance!

9. Use Built-in Microwave Drawers

This is another useful option which has been used by many people over the years. You can place built in drawers under or next to your existing countertops so they blend right in while still giving you access to more space on your counters when not needed. This saves space without sacrificing functionality.

10. Microwave Wall Hoods

Using a microwave oven as an exhaust hood for your stove is another great idea which can be used by anyone and saves space while also freeing up more of your cabinets for other things. Just make sure to vent it somewhere outside your house or near an open window so you don’t get carbon monoxide poisoning from the design! It’s also not very good for the environment, but if you have no choice, then make sure you check on it every few hours.

11. Install Above Your Cabinets

Another good option that can be used by anyone is to install your new appliance above your cabinets rather than below them. This will give any room a unique look still saving counter space too, all while also maximizing the functionality of your microwave oven.


1. Does a microwave oven make it is easier to cook food?

A heating element, like those found in a stove or an oven, is primarily designed to make something hotter over time as it emits heat onto the food. In comparison, the primary function of a microwave oven’s cooking mechanism is to “excite” water particles into making your food warmer from within rather than from without.

So, microwaves are primarily better at heating cold things up really fast and evenly as long as they’re not too far below room temperature already. You can also use them for reheating leftovers though unlike a traditional stove or oven which takes much longer since they emit heat from all sides whereas microwaves have one direction of emission so they must “excite” the water particles in your food from within to make it warm.

2. How often should I clean my microwave oven?

Some people only clean their microwaves once every six months to a year, but if you’re someone who eats raw or undercooked foods out of your microwave, then you’ll want to clean it at least once per month or else bacteria can leak onto your food during an active cleaning cycle and nobody wants that!

Always make sure there are no loose pieces inside the unit before activation as these can fly off during high power levels and become serious injury hazards too. The best time to perform this is after cooking something fatty like bacon which might catch fire during operation. Be prepared for smoke and a big mess though so keep a fire extinguisher or a bucket of water nearby in case a grease fire breaks out!

3. Is it safe to microwave anything?

Your microwave oven is designed to handle some types of materials better than others. For example, metal reflects microwaves which means you should never try cooking any food secured in metal pans or boxes that might reflect the waves all over your kitchen.

In comparison, ceramics and glass retain heat from your stovetop, but these don’t reflect microwaves very well at all. So this makes them perfect for using when cooking with microwaves too. Also keep in mind that most plastics contain plasticizers which can leak into your food a heating cycle and make it less safe to eat so you should avoid microwaving any plastic containers.


Microwave Oven installation in Your Kitchen

So as you can see, there are plenty of simple and creative ways to save space in your kitchen using microwaves. You just need to determine what kind of design works best for your specific situation, don’t be afraid to try new things, and never run an oven empty as this can lead to fires!

Also, follow the warnings on any microwave oven you purchase and always keep a fire extinguisher nearby in case something goes wrong during operation since they get extremely hot too during use and it only takes one small oversight to start a grease fire which could cost you everything if not handled properly!

I hope this article was helpful and gave you some great ideas about how you can maximize space usage with such a versatile tool like a microwave oven. Thanks for reading!

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