Are Sikh people allowed to carry a kirpan (dagger) through airport security? If yes, why?

Are Sikh people allowed to carry a kirpan (dagger) through airport security? If yes, why?

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  1. In international flights, Sikhs are asked to remove the kirpan during the duration of the flight, whereas in domestic Indian flights, they are allowed to carry it along l, provided it is less than 2.5 inches in length.
    The identification of a terrorist is I think best left to the police and the security personnel. I think they can best identify and distinguish a terrorist and a citizen.

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  2. If you don’t want your kirpan confiscated by security, place it in your checked luggage. If you try to carry it onto a plane, it will almost certainly be taken from you. When flying within India, where sardars and their traditions are familiar, you’ll probably able to get by with it, but outside of India, it’s seen as merely a weapon.
    But this cuts both ways (no pun intended): If the people working security in India are non-Sikhs and have a negative view of Sikh community, they may do punitive things just to harass. I wear a very small kirpan as a pendant around my neck (I work in an airport and can’t carry kirpan daily), which is shaped like a scimitar but has no sharp edge. Even this was confiscated from me once, even though it couldn’t cut even paper.

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  3. The Sikh Centre brought to the select committee the need to be sensitive to the diverse cultures and beliefs of individuals passing through airport control to ensure they are not unfairly targeted during security checks.

    For their part, the Sikh community has made a conscious decision to recommend that their kirpans (ceremonial knives) are removed from under their robes, and included in their check-in luggage. Contrary to perhaps the preconceived view, the kirpan should be appreciated as a symbol of the Sikh religion, not a weapon.
    In addition kirpans are not allowed on the planes as per new TSA regulations.
    One thing in common to all these is that they refer to security rules imposed by ICAO with respect to carrying weapons on airplanes.

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  4. I am unable to understand that in what way the kirpan is connected with religion and the purpose of carrying the kirpan. If it is security and safety purpose, then certainly it is a weapon. In our district(Tirunelveli) still we have put the self defence weapon before our village God and perform Puja. Still farmers of our district will have the practice of carrying the weapon while going to field visit for their self defence.

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  5. As of November 25, 2017, Sikhs have been allowed to wear their kirpan through airport security and on planes, as long as it is 6cm or smaller. Sikhs can fly while wearing their kirpans on many international flights, but not all. For example, Sikhs cannot wear their kirpans on flights to the United States. If that is the case, Sikhs are requested to put their kirpans in their luggage and to put it on once they arrive to their destination.
    Safe travels!

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