Are red copper baking pans toxic?

Are red copper baking pans toxic?

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  2. Copper pans come with a lining, classically it’s coated with molten tin, more recently it’s bonded with stainless steel. The tin lining wears away over time and must be re-tinned when a bare spot becomes larger than a quarter. The problem with cooking with a pan with exposed copper is that acidic foods dissolve the copper, which is then ingested, leading to copper poisoning, called copperiedus.
    i havent heard of that problem occurring with just mixing in copper bowls, which are traditionally used to whip eggwhites into foam. It may be the heat combined with an acidic solution that causes the issue.
    The reason people trouble with copper at all is the speed with which it reacts to temperature change. As soon as the flame is changed, the temp adjusts immediately, allowing the control needed with sauces, crusts on meats, etc. . And because the heat moves through the pan so quickly, you don’t need to use as high of a flame as you would with other metals.
    Serious cooks use a copper skillet for that purpose, and add it to their cookware set, usually of multiply stainless. There is little practical purpose to invest in copper pots for boiling water and such, where fine heat control isn’t needed, although whatever is being heated heats faster.
    Of coarse , the French make the most acclaimed copper skillets, which can be stunningly pricy. Some middle eastern manufacturers produce more cost effective pans. They are handmade, and have higher occurrence of defects. I don’t know from personal if there is a practical difference in use.

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