Are brass knuckles illegal in Ohio? If so, why?

Are brass knuckles illegal in Ohio? If so, why?

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  1. Yes, they are illegal according to this statute – 2923.20 Unlawful transaction in weapons.
    Brass Knuckles are illegal in many jurisdictions because their only legitimate use is as a weapon of assault against other people. They have no legitimate industrial, agricultural, or self defense use.
    This is the same rationale by which billy clubs, blackjacks, and spring-loaded switchblades are banned in many areas.

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  2. Yes, they are illegal almost everywhere — along with swords, clubs, long knives, switchblades, sword canes, sword umbrellas, etc.
    Why? Generally because a criminal statute or city ordinance makes it so.
    Can it be assailed as a 2nd Amendment right? Probably not for public carry, but maybe for home defense — on your own property.
    Carry advocates/proponents? — None that I know of.
    If I have a concealed firearm permit, why I can’t I carry a concealed sword? A good question, with no logical answer. There just isn’t any political pressure groups for weapons other than firearms.

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  3. Yes, they are, a quick google search told me this.
    Just because I live in Ohio doesn’t mean I know the law like the back of my hand, you would be surprised by the amount of questions I get asking about what is illegal in Ohio and what is not.
    Now, the part of the question that anybody can answer, is why.
    Maybe it’s because they are weapons and can seriously injure people?
    Maybe because you don’t need them in everyday lives and they are only useful as weapons?
    The main point is that they are dangerous.

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