Are Benchmade knives considered to be good?

Are Benchmade knives considered to be good?

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  1. I’m no expert but I’ve carried either a Benchmade or CRKT daily for over 20 years. I’m not a knife fighter nor a survivalist. Instead, for all of those years i worked in warehouses or drilling rigs so my knife was used in the daily for some simple tasks.
    My Benchmade held up well. Whether it be to open or break down boxes in the warehouse or cut hemp rope for replacing cat lines (old drilling hands will remember those), that knife never broke nor failed. It did require regular sharpening but I was also using it to cut open pallets of drilling fluid materials like Bentonite gel, Desco, and Barite!
    Like I said, I’m no expert but Benchmade has worked well for me and have no hesitation to buying more. I couldnt tell you about the atomic structure of the blades steel. Dont care to, either. All I worry a out is if something works for me. Benchmade has lived up to that requirement.

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  2. Generally speaking, they’re one of the most reputable and esteemed knifemaking companies in the United States.
    Just like with any brand, they have low-end and high-end products. Knives that are meant to be workhorses, knives meant to be good all-around daily tools, and knives meant to add some pomp and flair to an impressive personal collection. They sell products for any and all customers who are on the market for a new knife, and their products are damn good… especially the high-end models.
    But just like any brand, sometimes a customer gets a bad knife. A one-off mistake that doesn’t reflect the majority of the company’s products. If you’ve heard bad things about Benchmade, it was probably from one of those people. All the Benchmade customers I know couldn’t be happier with their experience.
    So yes, Benchmade knives are considered by many to be “good” or even great. Those who say otherwise probably just had an unfortunate but rare experience.

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  3. They are not junk, which is a huge compliment these days. They’re well-built.
    However, except for a couple of special editions, they won’t shake the “stainless steel” habit.
    I like some of their engineering, but until they start using 1080, or some other great brand of high-carbon steel, I won’t be buying one.
    This company is kind of a quandary, for me. They make tough, well designed blades, then fit them out with the same crap steel that Frost Cutlery dumps on its ignorant newbie customers.
    Why not go all the way, and use great steel?
    I suspect, as so often happens, that the bean-counters won’t allow the craftsmen to put out the quality product they are begging to build.

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  4. I can’t answer for the entire Benchmade line, but for the Infidel I feel confident in stating it is one of the premier designs, and is well constructed around that design!
    The Infidel uses a completely unique internal mechanism that eliminates the many potential pitfalls of the simplistic design used by Microtech and most non-branded knife makers. The design is highly forgiving of foreign object contamination, and has twin blade locks that are initially spring-actuated, followed by hard-actuation by the slider mechanism. This guarantees the blade locks will engage…something not as sure with MT designs. The design also ensures physical, mechanical unlocking of the blade during retraction!
    By using a steel sandwich blade chassis, itself sandwiched within a rigid aluminum handle chassis, the Infidel is uber-strong…beyond any brand that relies on anodized aluminum or Zinc alloy!

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  5. So there you have it …
    Benchmade is a big name and almost a gold standard in pocket knives; but …
    There’s an awful lot of stuff out there that is sold as Benchmade which is either deplorable counterfeit or Benchmade quality control has gone to pot.
    I own only one Benchmade, which was a gift. That alone should tell you what I’ve seen and how I feel about the brand. To be even clearer, based on the fit, finish and quality of the gift knife, they’re not getting any of my money to expand their brand’s representation on the Wall of Joy (where my knife collection lives.)

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  7. Does Benchmade make good knives?
    Yes, they use to.. A bit spendy sometimes, but the quality was usually there. Havent picked one up recently from them, because I can get a blade that has excellent qualities from local producers like CRKT, or even Kershaw, for a much better price point in my book. So lately, I usually go with them. Benchmades going to have to up its game to draw my attention back. That said, they were always good knives. Made if decent steel’s. Can’t comment of any if that has changed lately though.

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  8. They’re good knives, high quality, excellent warranty.
    I’m not a fan of their axis lock. I flick my knives obsessively, I was having to send the knife in to get the omega springs replaced every year. Under normal use, it’ll last a lifetime.
    Steels-they use a variety of supersteels. Don’t bother youself with understanding them because you’ll get an aneurysm. Understand that they hold an edge very well and take even longer to sharpen freehand. They’ll sharpen your knife for free though.
    Generally, I’m not a big fan of their designs. Axis lock has lost interest in me, I dislike g10 as a whole. Often, they favor fairly thick edges and thin grips.

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