Aluminium or non stick pans?Which are the good ones for cooking?

Aluminium or non stick pans?Which are the good ones for cooking?

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  2. I like different types of pans
    Pots for sauces and soups … stainless steel/aluminum clad gives uniform, steady heat, and easy cleanup… and they work on my induction cooktop as well as conventional stove
    Small Saute pan is stainless steel w/nonstick ceramic also works on induction cooktop
    Large fry pan for omelette or pancakes – is ceramic non stick stainless steel base/aluminum clad
    Cast iron skillet for pan frying steak o r other meat – also OK for induction cooktop
    I have tossed all my old aluminum ./ nonstick fry pans – they warp after a lot of use – they were inexpensive and worked OK for the purpose – just wont use any teflon anymore
    I have too many pans

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  3. Good question. We have too many pots and pans. My favorite for pasta is a large aluminum pan with a heavy bottom, so heat is evenly conducted to the water. We have a 2 quart cheap aluminum pan with a handle we use all the time for sauces and sautéing things. A 1 quart copper bottom pan for soups, copper bottom skillet for browning meats or cooking burgers. A heavy 2 quart with a tight lid for rice. I’ve read that certain non stick can contribute to poor health. That has taught us to use aluminum pans and either a non stick spray or a fat. Keep cooking. Enjoy dinner.

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